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Class Room:12 Days Fast Track Immersion Training

Web Based Live :12 Months, Weekly – 48 evening class of 2 hrs duration

The workshop will make you proficient in all the 11 core competencies recommend by International Coach Federation. This gives the InnerMost Shift Coaches profound experience and professional confidence to be a Life/leadership/Business or any coach.

Championing ICF recommended 11 Competencies

Approach corporates and open market clients with utmost confidence and competence.

A. Setting the Foundation

1. Meeting Ethical Guidelines and Professional Standards

2. Establishing the Coaching Agreement

B. Co-creating the Relationship

3. Establishing Trust and Intimacy with the Client

4. Coaching Presence

C. Communicating Effectively

5. Active Listening

6. Powerful Questioning

7. Direct Communication

D. Facilitating Learning and Results

8. Creating Awareness

9. Designing Actions

10. Planning and Goal Setting

11. Managing Progress and Accountability

You will learn to structure your session covering all the 11 ICF competencies. What will help you to navigate, make innermost shift & bring excellence in your coaching session is:

• IC PROBE GAP Framework

• Interaction Excellence

• Resourcefulness Building Situational Tools

• Best-Life Practices & Pattern Changers

• InnerMost Shift Model – Accessing the Core of Being-ness

• BEST Yoga Somatic Mindfulness Patterns

• BEST-Life NLP Skills

IC PROBE GAP Framework

To keep up with prescribed ICF Coaching Competencies and structure the coaching session and professionally deliver the value to client, a coach needs a reliable navigation framework to follow. InnerMost Shift Coaches learn IC PROBE GAP framework, to maintain professional coach approach. Here is what learning this Framework do for you:

IC PROBE GAP is a very powerful step by step conversations navigation framework. Using “Interaction Excellence” to help you Listen and ask Questions in a conversational manner which, as a coach, makes you create experience in such a way that Coachee feels the presence of the Coaching environment to. You carry on coaching conversations with a smooth dialect.

Using the IC PROBE GAP Framework, you are able to follow the ICF competencies in a very subtle and general flow, yet to the core, it keeps you on purpose to help you achieving the BEST results and outcome of the coaching theme.

Thus, IC PROBE GAP framework makes coaching simple, focused and practical. It helps one to listen to the clients insightfully, help them understand their goal, develop an awesome, practical action plan that can be easily worked upon by them and by certain parameters suggested as per the framework, the client has to monitor the progress.

Some of our InnerMost Shift coaches feel, “Using the IC PROBE GAP framework, while in the process of Coaching the client, we can get to know the client’s current/present state, use the Empowering question patterns and get the client to BEST positive state and reveal the answers from him/her within.”

We have also been told about IC PROBE GAP framework by our coaches:

“One of Hand in hand we as a coach should make and keep the client aware of his BEST resources as the client will face the challenge while achieving his goals. As a coach it is our responsibility to take these challenges and help the client to stay motivated towards their goal.

“With the Probe Outstanding we can get the client to reveal his/her own New possibilities, resources, opportunities and options open in front of him/her, help them identify the breakthrough and check how feasible he/she is to experiment and excel to keep the momentum running continuously in the future”

To conclude, IC PROBE GAP framework is very easy to remember and has an effective impact as the embedded commands given to the coachee /client are very strongly captured by the sub-conscious mind.

Interaction Excellence- Interact to help others to act:

A professional coach help client for Life concerns, Executives for different work-related issues and Leaders to sort their matters. Interactional Excellence is a perfect system to create excellence with every single interaction and action.

Every InnerMost shift coach is trained to carry on interactions being present to clients and keeping the client fully present. Listen to deeper layers of mind and body, ask insightful and consciousness shifting questions while keeping the communication on purpose. Help others to elevate awareness and allow the unconscious to unfold salutations. Keeping deep connection, intimacy and rapport champion the client to generate new choices, decide on actions and accomplish goals.

Finally Interaction Excellence Is helping the client to own responsibility to make progress, stand committed and accountable to become outstanding.

Situational Tools for Resourcefulness:

While coaching clients for Life, Executives for different work-related issues, Leaders to create their legacy and Business owners to grow and multiply profits, a coach needs to build resourcefulness in the client. This is where a specific tool required for a particular situation. You will get ready -to-use 28 situational tools to handle different coaching situations such as:

Situational Tools for ACC level. 1st Six Days of Training.

Building Resilience | Activating Inner Knowing | Developing Traits | Generating New Behaviours | Mending Relationship | Hidden Code of Rapport | Improving Communication | Interrupting Unproductive Pattern | Getting Unstuck | Goal Clarity | Building Resourcefulness | Plotting Milestones | Enlisting Learning & Competencies | Supercharging Goals | Building Motivation | Reasoning Out what doesn’t work |

Situational Tools for PCC Level Next Six days of Training.

Dissolving Disturbances | Overcoming Emotional Blocks | Developing Control | Awakening Inner Teacher | Becoming Model of Excellence | Replicating Success Strategies| Balancing Work-Life | Reorienting Past | De-coding Re-coding Metaphors | Refining Belief System | Value Matrix | Value Alignment | Resolving Conflicts | Integrating Values | Designing Roles |Creating Inner Alignment | Evolving Purpose |

The InnerMost Shift Model – Navigating to Core of Being :

The Basis

Neuroscience, Neuro-Linguistics, Conscious-Unconscious Mind, Yoga-Somatic Principles and Learning and change dynamics. Breath-Energy-Somatic-Thinking BEST Pattern

The Difference:

InnerMost Shift coaching model is about, navigating coachees to their Being-ness and Totality of existence; empowering them to ‘Resourcefulness’ to know, do, have, evolve and excel what they love to be.

Interaction Excellence (conversational artistry) is aimed to help coachees make innermost shift, being fully alive to their purpose and opportunities present all around, creating possibilities in alignment to their values, designing beliefs and strategies, set breakthrough goals to create positive impact.

This alters the consciousness of client and bring energetic shift in the coachee to Transform, Evolve and Perform and change the trajectory of life.

Thus, InnerMost Shift coaching addresses the wholeness and Beingness, it is not about doing coaching, it is about being a coach. It is about coaching the person and not the problem. It is inside out and outside in coaching.

Progress Tracking:

• The InnerMost Shift Coaching Model ends with FOUR kinds of GOALS,

• InnerMost Shift Yoga Somatic Mindfulness Goals/ Practices

• New Behaviours, Contextual Choices & Responses shift

• Outcome and Result shifts

• Return on Time/Energy spent

BEST-Life Skills & Pattern Changers:

Life/Executive/Leadership Coaching

A professional coach must possess Best-Life skills to design set of coaching sessions and thematically inspire the internal clients (in corporates) and external clients. This is because people are not looking for coaching, they are searching for with solutions to the problems they are facing.

InnerMost Shift Coaches gets equipped with set of Best-Life Skills to design and conduct coaching sessions keeping the results client is expecting. Here is what you learn:

1. Steps to Connect and engage with Grace

2. Brain Influencing Interactional Excellence for Change

3. Detect Pattern of behaviours – Question Assumptions

4. Pattern of Coaching Interactions Focused on Solutions

5. Checklist to Identify Action Leading States

6. Hammer out Stuck States & Discard Undesired Maps

7. Dissolve, Evolve & Adopt Habit that Pays

8. Make angular shift to Re – invent Relationships

9. Replicate rewarding Behaviours, success recipes & Mind – sets

10. Set Quantum Jump Goals – Create Compelling Vision

11. Steps to Release Emotionally Charged States

12. Change Reactive Triggers into Proactive Choice

13. Replace Self Limiting Beliefs with Empowering one

14. Strategically Move Past Limitations Turn into Excellence

15. Find out your own formulas – Get Mental Clarity

16. Physics of Motivation and Commitment

17. Aligning Values, Identity & Purpose to create a New Self

18. Restorying & Restoring Life by Dealing with Deep Concerns

19. Dis – identification with the self to Expand Identity

20. Re – imprint Core Belief effected at different levels of existence

Note: 1-10 in ACC Level 6 days Training. 11-20 in PCC Level next 6 days Training.

BEST Patterns Changers & Mindfullness

Based on concepts, practices and principles drawn from:

Based on concepts, practices and principles drawn from:

Yogic Sciences,

Ancient Wisdom,



Somatic Awareness,

Mental Physics and

Energetic Principles,

you will learn the ways to bring change and transformation.

The InnerMost Shift Dual Certification course

includes NLP Practitioner Certification

NLP a study of Excellence:

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) has been always recognised as a remarkable coaching tool. Coach approach central to Outcome Thinking, Resource Anchoring, Belief Bursting and Well Formed-ness Conditions etc. are powerful NLP skills that synchronise well alongside any coaching model.

NLP CORE SKILLS covered in first 6 days ({ACC} Level 1- IMSC training

1. The origin and basis of NLP

2. The NLP language Communication Model

3. Science of Rapport

4. Calibration – Non-Verbal and language cues

5. Sensory Acuity

6. Shifting perspectives by taking different perceptual positions

7. New Behaviour Generator

8. Anchoring – the key to choosing powerful states

9. Eye Accessing Cues

10. Sensory Representational Systems

11. Goal setting conditions – Well-formed Outcomes

12. Thinking Patterns

13. Building Motivation


which will be covered:

• The impact of language – why words are important

• The Meta Model – the language and question to enrich understanding

• The Milton Model – the language of rapport, solutions and greater influence

• States of creativity and generating new behaviours

• Reframing and paraphrasing

NLP CORE SKILLS covered in next 6 days ({PCC} Level 2 – IMSC training)

14. Sub-modalities – the structure and ingredients of our experience

15. Role Modelling Excellence

16. Mental Strategies

17. Values and they lead to balance

18. Beliefs of Excellence

19. Spatial Anchoring for belief change

20. Changing past patterns

21. Value matrix elicitation

22. Neuro-Logical levels of change

23. Advance Meta Programs

24. Advanced sub-modalities

25. Dealing with Deep concerns

26. Designing a breakthrough Coaching session

V.V.V Imp.

NLP Practitioner Certification does not apply to online course but we offer a special discount to take up 7 days class room training and become Certified NLP Practitioner, receive certificate signed by Dr. Riachard Bandler, co-creator of NLP

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