Coaching Define

What is coaching?

Professional coaching can be defined meaningful interactions with the clients, who has agreed to partner, for a thought-provoking and creative process in such a manner that inspires them come out with their own ideas, solutions, goals and actions..

Coaching is a solution oriented approach, targeting change client desires to happen from the InnerMost Level, and hence in a coaching relationship, the coach inspires the coachee to find the solution within. Coach works with a firm belief that coachee (client) is the expert in a coaching session and has all the resources within.

What is not Coaching?

Coaching is a profession that is fundamentally different from training, consulting, mentoring, therapy, or counselling

Earning Scope with Coaching?

Internationally the most profitable growing profession, the only profession truly focusing on the agenda of the client, this attracts clients to take coaching services.

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