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Spiritual Coach

The basic true nature of Universe is wholeness, one unified field that fortifies and comprises all existence. But we perceive everything as separate and have devised several distinctions to experience everything separate. Despite the fact that true nature has no distinctions, no location, spatial or temporal dimension, we fail to experience this truth.

Because all forms of the realm we live in originate within true nature, there is a potential to experience it as a limitless and infinite field of intelligence, we refer here as Presence.

Presence, the source of SuperMost intelligence is our InnerMost true nature. In order to realise it requires us to raise our levels awareness or consciousness. In a way it is like using our awareness to become aware of awareness or consciousness.

The field of SuperMost Intelligence, though invisible, exists everywhere. Love for this truth constantly attracts, incites and invite human being to experience oneness with the power of Presence. In other words the indivisible field of presence forms the very essence and ground of existence.

Spiritual coaching aims at self- actualisation and self-realization. In a realization state that the soul or consciousness spreads and expands. The expanded consciousness unfolds an unparalleled insights that she / I am everywhere, everything and infinite. This experience of boundlessness, gives rise to compassion, dissolves boundaries and promotes connectedness.  

Leaders with Presence or Yogic Presence as we refer, live with a good sense of power and intelligence pervading in whole organisation, team and people supporting their work, be it customers, suppliers, stakeholders or anyone. They don’t think themselves the power centre, trust power in the organisation is homogeneously present.

A spiritual coach helps the aspirant to take up journey of coming back to home, the origin of existence or the Supreme Source. Top leaders in the organisations and team heads have been seen having this thirst. They want to be coached on these aspects of life and experience ‘non-doing’ and flow state.  

Spiritual Coaching is helping the clients in dropping notion of rejecting the parts that have shaped us on the basis of conscious or unconscious influences. and embracing the wholeness and realise the true self. When we ultimately come back to  our wholeness and ourselves completely, we identify ourselves as Totality of Presence. This become one with ourselves is what we refer as ‘Yogic Presence’.

A leader with ‘Yogic Presence’ means, being aware of the existence of the body of organisation due to its being and not because of him, and Presence or the essence is uniformly present in him/her and the wholeness of organisation that does not finish at the physical boundary or location of the organisation.

Presence is not consciousness by virtue of being aware of itself by reflecting on itself, but by being itself, the true existence. Simply speaking its very existence is the same as awareness of its existence.

So the main point here is that the awareness of this self-existing consciousness is the essential ingredient or vehicle of the presence itself, not something separate from it. 

Presence exists irrespective of anything. Presence is the essence or self-existing is bitingness (the ontological reality of consciousness). Thus, sensations and emotions are evidence of consciousness but not the consciousness. Like we sense the presence of wind because of temperature, movement or our aliveness to it, but wind exists irrespective all this. We feel our Presence because of something but it is uniform, unified, undivided and whole. This uniformity is consciousness. The consciousness is conscious and aware of itself.

The spiritual coaching is about using the timeless concepts to help leaders, individuals or seekers, to sail through the complexity or uncertainties of life with equipoise.

Spiritual Coach helps the client:

Discover deeper truth
Develop Yogic Presence
Purpose of life
Connect with Inner Knowing
Bring peace and love in all aspects
Rise above pains and sufferings
Prosperity Consciousness  
Get liberated

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