NLP Coach Training in India

Do you often dream to Live the Best Life ?

Imagine if you could take charge, Live the BEST Life and:

• Be decisive and live the best life you want

• In charge of your emotions and be assertive

• Multiply confidence and remain free from fears

• Leave unproductive habits and patterns

• Have stress free, exuberant life full of joy

• Exhibit stronger beliefs to overcome limitations

• Create a magnificent future of your dreams

• Live with possibility mentality to your full potential

• Be adaptive, flexible and learn superbly fast.

Time Tested Technology of Human Excellence -NLP can help you!

What is NLP ?

NLP -Neuro-Linguistic Programming, is a proven technology of how people have patterns to think, learn, behave and do things excellently. Using NLP tools one can learn how to model or replicate patterns of success and excellence.

Thus with simple NLP techniques you can make a difference that makes the difference!

Take this program to improve how you communicate, manage relationships, motivate self and others, in fluently negotiate and persuade, lead and coach to empower others.

How NLP will help you?

The promise of NLP is, by managing to change how you think, you will be able become who you want to be truly and ‘achieve the best’ in every respect.

You can reorganize patterns of your body, mind, life force and direct personal energies towards the future you desire.

Dr. Richard Bandler’s (co-creator of NLP) licensed NLP Practitioner certification is internationally famous as an ultimate personal growth program that delivers consistent and outstanding results. (we deliver training and certificate is signed and issued by Dr. Richard Bandler USA)

You can now be more confident, successful and fulfilled by learning this neurologically rich psychology of success by taking up our BestLife NLP Training.

Why should you take up our BestLife NLP Practitioner Certification?

We refer it as BestLife NLP, because we ensure that you become capable to apply and ‘achieve the best’ with NLP in real life situations.

So we have integrated NLP with Best Life Practices adopted from ancient Indian Sciences and Modern Management Practices. We teach ready to apply models and frameworks so that you grow as an Outstanding Individual who displays magnificence, elegance and grace in whatever be your area of work.

What will you learn in our 7 days Best-life NLP Practitioner Course

NLP Practitioner Skills enables you to magically transform life as you learn how to:

• Get instantly in rapport, win trust communicate impactful in any context with anyone, anywhere, with more power and charisma.

• Identify ‘Thinking Styles” the key “Elements” that affect thoughts and behavior

• Overcome hurdles, let go of weakening beliefs, and gain boldness to overcome fear of rejection

• Strengthen bonding and relationships with loved ones, social contacts and business colleagues

• Identify motivators of others and use the strength-based approach in negotiations and sales to create win-win outcomes

• Let go of limiting thoughts and addictive decisions such as compulsive buying or eating.

• Move past beliefs that limited you previously

• Make productive and lasting changes in any area of your life

• Access conscious the unconscious mind to drop addictive patterns.

• Get to the roots of problems in relationship and mend them.

• Generate new behaviors and options for enriched communication and love

• Resolve inner and unconscious conflict to move ahead decisively.

• Learn to pre-frame, frame and re-frame past events and change chemistry of brain to create a new life.

• See how the technology of human excellence NLP can be applied in real world situations

BestLife NLP Practitioner Program Structure

Day One:

Introduction | Back ground of NLP | Introduction co-creators of NLP | Models & Study of excellence NLP | States of Learning | Conscious & Unconscious Mind |States of mind | Differentiating Gurus of Excellence & Masters | Hypno-Linguistic Patterns | Neurological facts, human consciousness and Whole Brain Development | State of Equipoise | Induction Principles | Locking Inner Smile

Day Two:

Structure of Rapport | Synaesthesia of Resourcefulness | Calibration | Sensory Acuity | Strategy of Outstanding Leadership | Defying Experience: Taking Opportunity | Neurology & Accessing cues | Map of the Realty | Somatic Patterns | Visual Anchor | Hypnotic catalepsy |

| Sensory Representational Systems | Rapport Building with Conviction | Preferred & Lead Systems | Communication Models | Goals Well-formedness | Feedback-Outcome loop| T.O.T.E

Day Three:

Pace & Lead | Linguistic Trilogy | Principles Of Quantum Jump | Introduction to EMDR | Power of Emotions | Voice Modulation & Impact | Positive Intention | 2nd & 3rd Perspective | Thinking Styles | Up the Ladder secrets | Anchoring Self | Anchoring Discreetly or Consciously | Bypass Resistance | Matching- Mirroring Cross Mirroring | Ideological Pacing | Building Motivation & Commitment

Day Four:

Heart of Change | Original State of Bring | Creating Visual shift | Managing Internal Voices | Kinaesthetic Drops | Taking Responsibility | Strategy Elicitation | Utilisation & Excellence Installation | High Degree Calibration | Sourcing Excellence | Mapping Across | Like Dislike Snaps | Linguistics of Unconscious Mins | Modelling Discipline

Day Five:

Inverse Meta Model Significance | Metaphoric Communication | Learning & Motivation strategy | Chaining Anchor | Quantum Jump to Excellence | Amplifying Resources | Spatial Anchors | Collapsing Conflicts | Fusion Anchors | Evolving Balance State of Mind | | Double Dis-association Phobia Release| Weaving Role Model of Excellence | Grace walk of Role Model

Day Six:

Creating Ecstasy | Embedding Word Anchor | Modelling Zealous Swiftness – Compressing Time | Self-Starters Way | Collapsing Bad States | Swish Pattern Meta Model Insights | Rooting Out Past Influences | Changing Personal History | Context Re-frame | Content Re-frames | Connecting to True Inner Teacher | Creating Trouble Free Future |

Day Seven:

Taking Onward Journey with Beliefs of Excellence | Integrating with Model of Human Behaviour and Communication | Designing 3 Years Legacy | Time Trance | Dreaming Room | Evolving Vision | Neuro-Patterning Excellence |
Presentation Infographics | Certification Evaluations | Ceremonial Fun | Declarations

What will BestLife NLP Practitioner Program enable you?

With the completion of NLP Practitioner 7 days program, you will be able to conduct one to one Best-Life NLP sessions professionally, coach yourself as well as coach members of your team and family to reach their highest potential and Achieve the BEST. Our Best-Life NLP Training can help to increase

• Productivity and Performance

• Multiply Success and Confidence

• Change habits and interrupt patterns

• Use internal power for external results

• Enhance ability to Communicate and Negotiate

• Motivate teams and get win-win outcomes

• Get promoted or earn more from personal ventures

• Increase general level of happiness in life

• Enjoy satisfaction and fulfilments in relationships

Who can take up BestLife NLP Training?

Best-Life NLP Practitioner training is excellently designed for anyone who wants to grow personally and professionally.

You get good professionally to coach and bring changes in others with NLP interventions aligned with purpose.

People who learn NLP skills are:

Leaders, Managers, Trainers, Lawyers, Consultants, Doctors, health Professionals, Chartered Accountants, Business Owners, Teachers, Parents, Executives, Artists, Performers Students as well as employees from different industry.

Ask for a free NLP & Coaching session

How can you become ICF Certified Life, Executive or any Coach?

Answer is, NLP and Coaching put together work amazingly well…!!!

Where as NLP is a powerful technology of human excellence and ICF Certified InnerMostShift Coaching based on IC PROBE GAP system, (compatible to 11 of ICF core competencies) developed by us, integrated with BestLife NLP tools is meant to assist you to help yourself and others to create the best life possible.

This allows you to make lasting changes, gain insights and bring magical transformations. Being qualified as certified NLP Practitioner and ICF Life or Executive Coach, you also help others design and live the best life they want.

As a Life Coach you will be able to help anyone to:

• Have new perspectives and live more fulfilling relationships

• Decide and accomplish life and business goals

• Be charismatic at work and home

• Use strengths in teams at work to be collectively successful

• Recuperate health, Increase sense of wellness and live with peace and confidence

• Abolish fears, minimize weaknesses and optmise performance.

• Get rid off phobias and overcome limitations

• Lead with personal energy and empower yourself and others

• Take transition phases boldly and face change with increased confidence

• Make right choices and profiting decisions while moving towards the career you deeply cherish.

What more will I learn in ICF Life Coach Certification Training?

First you undergo Coach oriented, 8 days ICF Coach and NLP Practitioner dual Certification, followed by ICF Coaching education designed by Alphastars, you will get trained to be a professional coach to make the InnerMost Shift happen.
You learn to use, design and customise coaching tools to align with client’s need. Take up peer coaching and professional coaching sessions. 
You take up 10 hrs Mentor Coaching and we audit your recorded coaching sessions. Thus becoming ICF Certified Coach is a well designed process that we hand hold you. 

Moreover, apart from equipped to use all the NLP Practitioner level skills mentioned above you will be able to:

• Get quickly into your energy with our unique ‘Charismatic Presence’ to connect to your intuitions, flow and non-judgmental self.

• Connect clients to their inner knowingness to access resources, gain insight and wisdom to reach to the very best solutions.

• Design and frame powerful open questions using the tools and patterns of NLP

• Sign up contracts, offer coaching packages and help client formulate clear agenda.

• Plan, conduct and close coaching sessions.

• Conduct InnerMost Shift, breakthrough sessions with senior leaders, mangers and individuals who are willing to pay high fee for the change you can help them to make.

• Keep the client directed and focused on agenda.

• Demonstrate all of the eleven ICF Competencies expected from a good coach.

• Integrate ICF ethics and norms in your coaching practice.

• Plan outcome, goals and tracking parameter to chart progress.

• Use out unique IC PROBE GAP coaching model to structure and conduct coaching session flawlessly in adherence to ICF norms.

• Manage documentation and records of client, subsequently use available information in the following sessions.

• Design tools to conduct online coaching sessions with client anywhere in the world. Imagine whole world is open for you to market your coaching practices.

On successful completion of 8 days of training followed by ICF approved Coach by AlphaStars you will be awarded 2 international qualifications

ICF Certified InnerMost Coach

Certified NLP Practitioner

Who are your Trainers and Coaches?

These international standard programs are delivered by World Class Coaches and trainer Sat and Siri.

They remain most up to date on NLP and coaching and have developed a unique InnerMost Shift coaching model and IC PROBE GAP system.

Sat and Siri has trained with NLP masters around the world, including Tony Robbins, Richard Bandler & Marshall Goldsmith. They are also direct disciples of Yogi Bhajan, USA, have learnt directly from him Yoga of Awareness.

Is there any Early bird price available?

Yes if you act fast!

Our fee includes all lunch, refreshments, manuals, materials and FREE membership of the InnerMost Shift Coaches / BestLife Practitioners Listing for one year.

Learn how to be impact full communicator and un-resistible persuader for win-win outcome.

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