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Number of Classes : Number of Classes :
3+3 Days spread over 2 months
24 Weekly Classes
Spread Over 6 Month ACC Level
3+3+3 Days spread over 3 months
With NLP Practitioner. Dual Certification
48 Weekly Classes
Spread Over 12 Months PCC Level
3+3+3+3 Days spread over 4 months

Class Time
Once in a month on One of the Weekend

9 AM-6.30PM

Class Time:
Evening 8 PM -10PM
Morning 7 AM-9 AM

Masterful Advance Level  19 Days Class Room Training
MCC – ACTP Route with NLP Master Practitioner Certification

InnerMost Shift Life Coach Training is absolutely confirming to the standard and norms laid by International Coach Federation and based on (11) core coaching competencies as defined by the ICF, the InnerMost Shift Certified Life Coach Program covers:

During the Training:

 • Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) as prescribed by ICF for ACC/PCC/MCC/CE

• 27 plus Situational Coaching Tools

• Contextual Application of Coaching Tools

• Well Integrated with BEST Life Practices

• During the Training Supervised Coaching Sessions

• Feedback on Every Coaching Session

• 4 Manuals comprising nearly 600 pages

• 2 Coaching Package designed

After the Training:

• Thoughtfully Crafted after training Support

• Customisable Worksheets

• Question bank

• Planning Formats

• Forms

• Articles/Notes

• Learning Reinforcement Assignments


•Auditing of 2 Coaching sessions recordings

•Powerful online Knowledge Assessment Test – KAT

• FREE listing on Coaches Website

• Telephonic/Email access to CEO – Siri Khalsa [ICF MCC]

• Ask for details

The entire InnerMost Shift Coach Training Program prepares, inspires and certifies aspiring individual individuals with the latest, scientific and proven in the field highest quality tools, models, techniques, framework and learning material.

You can become a Life Coach is professionally trained and certified to support people in assisting them to achieve their goals and living a fulfilling life.

Life coaching training program targets to help coachee to gain clarity, imbibe confidence and sort out seen and unseen issues to steer through different challenges one’s life brings in. Life Coaching courses work with people to help them to drop whatever is holding them back so that they can enjoy a harmonious life.

Who is Life Coach? – What is Life Coaching?

A professional coaching relationship invites Life Coaches to create a safe, sacred space for exploring life experiences and making significant InnerMost Shift for a purposeful difference in all areas of life one holds important.

If you become a life coach, you can specialize in a niche to get through disastrously difficult times in life such as divorce, relationship break-up, critical disease, addictive habits, wellness and health issues.

In a nutshell a Life Coach is professionally trained to provide emotional support, a listening heart and ear with unconditional compassion.

We are sure you will agree that for a person to create a lasting change in self for a better, more enriched life, a shift has to happen within.

Hence we named our coaching model –

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InnerMost Shift Life Coaching certification aims to develop highly effective system of making the InnerMost Shift and getting big results in every life area.

The Science behind InnerMost Shift

Our Certification is not just as per the requirements of International Coach Federation based upon the eleven (11) Core Coaching Competencies and Ethical Standards. It goes well beyond exceed standards.

InnerMost Shift Coaching model using IC PROBE GAP proprietary Framework (powerful as compared to G.R.O.W model etc.), blends together the Best Life Practices from Scientific Research, Quantum Physics, Neuroscience, Mindfulness, Neuro-Linguistics, Cell biology, No Mind (Neutrality), Somatic Awareness and Energy Consciousness etc.

What does a Life coach do?

A life coach works on assisting people to direct focus on outcome and take outcome as feedback, design parameters to have a measure of “success”. Keep identifying and bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be in their professional and personal lives.

How does the coach do this?

The InnerMost Shift coaching process involves Raising awareness of the client for discovering roadblocks or real challenges they might be having. Helping them choosing options and course of action to make life conditions to be the way they want it to be.

Coach works with client and encourages taking responsibility for life. Life coaching training is aimed to empower the client to feel resourceful and rise above the challenge, move past the limitations, stretch and go further than they ever thought possible. Thus the client keeps discovering blind spots, generating choices and accomplishes once that appeared impossible.

If you become a life coach professionally trained and ICF approved the InnerMost Shift Coaching using NLP skills, you get superior ability to specifically know how to become a life coach and appropriately address the Life needs of the clients. With this Life Coach certification you can tell your clients you will be able to help them in various aspects of their life such as:

To become a life coach or InnerMost Shift Life Coach, you help your client improve every aspect of their life. Some of them being:

Emotional Control: Manage personal states, increases patience, get rid of stress and improve confidence.

Habit Control: Manage change, Work to adopt new habits, ,make life choices get you to auto success, improve food and eating habits.

Relationship: Strengthen your bonding with family and friends. Resolve conflicts, and increase level of understanding,

Success and Motivation: Put yourself on path of auto success, make winning a habit and loosing a way of learning.

Success and Motivation: Put yourself on path of auto success, make winning a habit and loosing a way of learning.

Goals and Actions: Set your goals, draw plan and work out plan to reach to your target.

 Purpose & Happiness: determine who you are at your core, what you are meant to do and what makes you truly happy

Health & Wellness: Work on your energy level, attain right weight body and physical appearance, Maintain state of well being and feel amazing

Love & Intimacy: Become more loveable and deepen intimacy, change friction into attraction and enjoy being close to each other without sacrificing personal freedom. Personal values

 Financial Freedom: Plan expenses, have more holidays, set a budget, balance between EMI’s, debts and income level.

 Profession & Career: Choose rewarding career, solve performance issues, get raise, find a new job, interview better with more confidence.

Integration & Balance: find tranquility and peace within and among everything in your life

Unified Coaching Presence- The Yogic Presence!

What happens during the training is something amazing, while you undergo process of learning Coaching Skills, you also develop a greater self-awareness, undergo InnerMost Shift and transform.

All of this empowers you and you become one with coaching approach and restore to truly who you are, this strengthen, unifies and strengthen your Coaching Presence, we refer as Yogic Presence.

This makes a BIG difference in the way you coach and InnerMost Shift happens!!

Trust that AlphaStars InnerMost Shift Coach training will gives you enough confidence and help you strengthen your ‘Graceful Presence’ to sail through turbulences of life and coaching profession.

You will also learn to coach others to build their presence.

Ongoing Support

• Lifetime membership as InnerMost Shift Coaches

• Coaches profile on AAOE website (conditions apply)

• Possible coaching opportunities

• FB group membership (ongoing questions, answers & discussion)

• Access to join the group coaching calls

• Access to coaching tools 

• Access to peer coaching practice.

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