Certified Leadership Development Coach

Leadership Development Coach Focuses on:

 • CEO, COO & all C-level Corporate Executives

 • Business Unit Heads, Countries and Region Incharge.

 • Presidents & Vice Presidents

 • Boards of Directors

 • High potential Managers aspiring to be a leader

 • Anyone in executive leadership roles

Why is a Leadership Coach required?

An all-time mantra that has survived and is continuously resonating the world, isa simple phrase,“Change is fast happening and ever occurring fact”.

Isn’t this a fact applicable to all the businesses and every individual?

Obvious answer is “Yes”

This fact generates a highly pressurising demand in the market to beat the organic rate of growth and turn the managers into high performance leaders. Many experts have managed to give life to, an ever going on debate, a centuries old question:

“Are leaders born or can be made?”

While this debate will continue, the people who believe in ‘doing’ something rather than keep ‘talking’, take no time to coach the ‘managers with leadership acumen’ to develop into a full-fledged “Leader”

We are not saying that you can accelerate the organic rate of crop to grow, what we mean of course is creating the perfect environments and conditions; protecting and nurturing the seed of leadership to ripen into a sweet and nourishing fruit procedures that will accelerate the ripening process. This is what an InnerMost Shift ‘Certified Leadership Development Coach’ does very profoundly and systematically.

As a Certified Leadership Development Coach, you learn with us to work on a very systematic framework, we refer as, ‘Leadership Excellence And Development ‘LEAD.

Resistance to engage a Leadership Coach

Many organisations resist to appoint a leadership development coach because the services of such a specialist coach very expensive. We train our InnerMost Shift coaches very powerful language patterns and a ‘questioning tool’ to position themselves as ‘LEAD” Coach.

There are white papers and studies available through ICF also that ROI on Leadership Coaching is $ 7- $ 8 on $ 1 spent.

The research (PWC) suggests that average a Life Coach gets $ 150 an hour, Business Coach gets $ 250 and an Executive Leadership Coach get $ 350 an hour.

Facts about Leadership Development Coaching

Something Worth Considering that, a Leadership Coach:

 • Get paid higher than the restin the class

 • Has to have a Solid Set of Coaching Tools.

 • Should Structure session with Framework

 • Must possess Superior Abilities and competencies

 • Helps Managers to develop into Leaders

 • Help Leaders to Grow into Outstanding Leaders

 • Assists Outstanding one to be a Role Model of Excellence

 • Inspires to magnify “Leadership Presence”

 What is the Challenge?

You can’t simply walk into corporates, companies, business houses, Fortune 500 and Institutions just because you have completed minimum required ICF 60 hrs training on 11 competencies. on 11 competencies

You require something to go beyond!!

You need to acquire new set of competencies!!!

So, what we do?

Ask us to contact you or Enrol immediately in Internationally accredited programs ICF approved InnerMost Coach Online Training program and kick start your coaching aspiration.


We Promise You to Give the BEST:

 • Train you with a Unique InnerMost Shift Coaching model

 • Hone you with Leadership Excellence And Development (LEAD) practices

 • Provide you IC PROBE GAP Framework to structure your session

 • Empower you with 20 Situational Coaching Tools

 • Train you to use a very dignified language to influence leaders

 • Share with you, how we have coached top of the bracket class leaders

 • Lend you high value support to sign up contracts and we are backing you.

 As innerMost Shift Coach, you get Certified as ‘LEAD Coach’and that helps you :

 • To coach any with hidden potential to develop as Leaders.

 • Become an expert coach to help them uncovergenius abilities.

 • Have them move into inner-terrain of unbound resourcefulness that they never knew existed within them.

 • Operate with a reliable system to prove yourself as a trustworthy.

 • Give them a meaningful space to envision a future for their outstanding abilities.

 • Rejoice and celebrate with leaders on their success.

 • Challenge them to let go past, and innovate a future of their dreams, with their energy.

Remember, “the most aspiring people hire a most aspiring coach!”

Think, What are you aspiring to be?

Reflect on the fact that if you are aspiring to Coach best of the leaders to grow into outstanding Leaders, you got to be an Outstanding Coach.

Our Certified Leadership Coaching Program empowers you with the skills and insights to give to ample of confidence you need to coach growing leaders as they strive to achieve excellence in every area of their lives.

Ask us to contact you or Enrol immediately in Internationally accredited programs ICF approved InnerMost Coach Online Training program and kick start your coaching aspiration.


Leadership Traits You Coach the Best of the Leaders on:

Farsighted | Encouraging | Strategic |Commitment Driven |Determined | Loveable| Decisive
| Practical |Respect Perceptual Truth | Winning Trust | Delegation | Presence | Mindfulness | 

Identified Proficiencies of Leadership Coach

• Leadership ExcellenceAnd Development (PROBE assessment)

• “Context” and behavioural interviewing

• Coaching to Evolve Leadership Vision

• Discovering Sense of Purpose & Formulating Statement

• Elicit leader’s Resources Inventory – Talents, Calibres and strengths and building

• Identifying Desired Contextual Behaviours & Traits

• Mapping leader’s gaps

• Designing Strategies and Action Steps to Close the Gap.

• Designing Action Plan to use strengths

• Finalising Who Matters List

• Getting Perceptual Insights

• Creating Alignment Plan

• Evolving Growth & Development Plan

• Strategies for Behavioural shifts

• Tracking Progress in making leadership impact and growth

Our Leadership Coach Mentoring Will Direct Your Focus on:

 • What is so different about Coaching for Leadership Excellence And Development

• Essentials of Leadership Coaching Proposal

• Triparty Signing of Contract

• Leadership Coaching Intake letter

• Mapping the “Matrix of Leadership Excellence And Development” (LEAD)

• “Interaction Excellence” – a model for engaging with the coachee

• Elicit “InnerMost Core” using Facets of Mind Inventory

• Establishing peripheral behaviours &

• Self-Precepts ofImportant Relationships

• Initiating Individual Development Planning Tool (IDPT)

• Process of involving stakeholders

• Selecting MOSE for behavioural change

• Clarifying leadership growth Continuum

• Finding Worth of Leadership Excellence And Development for management and stakeholders

• Clarifying meaning of language in emails/messages of stakeholder and mentors

• Mannerism. Mode & Measures required for Stakeholder Meeting

• Self-Study and tasks

• Evolve a story that demonstrate Leadership Impact

• Wax the Weakness, Steady on Strengths, Leveraging the Least, Uncovering the Unknown (WULS)

• Emergent Purpose Clarity Statement (EPCS) Exercise

• Survey for Determining LEADEffectiveness

Ask us to contact you or Enrol immediately in Internationally accredited programs ICF approved InnerMost Coach Online Training program and kick start your coaching aspiration.


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