Certified Business Strategist

When you become a Strategic Business Consultant with us, this opens up avenue for you to give tactics, strategic and business pulling input to you client.

We prepare you to address hard core issue related to business growth, marketing plan, brand building financial health, cash reserves, and creating systems and processes. You work with client to build self-sustaining and growing business.

Your possible clients are:

Business Owners
Unit Heads
CEO, COO, CFO & Chairman
Start –Ups .

Strategic Business Consultant as coach follows systematic process to help business owners, entrepreneurs, start ups, and business unit head leaders to get measurable results in following ways:

Increase revenues.
Gain profits.
Improve cash flow.
Better team productivity.
Appreciate stock value of their business.

Apart from helping clients to find more time and reduce the disturbances, troubles, headaches, and stresses of running a business, being a “Strategic Business Consultant Coach” is effective way for business and leadership coaches to offer business coaching to your clients.

We give you proper “Strategic Business Tool-Set” related to business coaching:

Assessing the Business Vitals.

This assessment, is a discovery point of the current state in 7 areas of business. The assessment based on a live interview & questionnaire you and the client fill out.

Defining key openings to advance the client’s Progress:

Establishing interrelatedness between revenue, profit, and cash flow model. Design/correct financial model. Locate the super most feature to leverage maximum improvement in financial gains.

The strategic tools provided to you will work equally effective for business with multiple location, manufacturing or service providers. The tool is adaptable to start ups and running businesses.

You don’t need to be a chartered accountant, finance professional or MBA to apply the strategic tools.

Tracking Parameters of Progress.

The strategic tools help you decide vital parameters to track the progress at the decided interval daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly.

The Calculus of Business.

Changing approach to business from abstract to fact. Finding formulas to work out specific and measurable result; make exponential progress.
Way to figure out right approach to optimise strategy to run business.

Create a brand building message:

Reinforce marketing plan with energy generating message. Help your clients architect and shape marketing plan. Implement revenue multiplier system.Step by step help client claim brand value based market pull

Delegate and Elevate:

Device and put in place ‘Delegate and Elevate Strategy’ to liberate CEO’s, Business Owners, Top Leaders or Unit heads etc. from undue dependency of others and business decisions on them. Most of them tend to remain tied up in day to day affairs, with no strategic, hampers their growth plan and undergo stress.

Implement a time-tested system to help business owners find more time and create a business that runs without them. This is a game-changer system!

Talent Engagement System:

Have client adopt a practical system to hire, create, engage and retain team talent. A very useful and most desirable system to help ‘business responsible’ clients make team productive

Culture Driven Performance:

Create currents of enthusiasm, performance and contribution. Initiate and implement a step by step system to help your clients create a culture that generate energy to perform.

Returning Customers

Strategic approach to create coaching clients to keep customers loyal through the best practices in delivering outstanding service business owner’s results, earn you rave reviews, and be a lucrative engagement in its own right.

Ask us to contact you or Enrol immediately in Internationally accredited programs ICF approved InnerMost Coach Online Training program and kick start your coaching aspiration.