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1 Apr 2021

Work-Life Balance – In the New Normal

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Work-life balance is critical to preserving the rhythm of personal and professional life. Remote working or working from home has become a part of our everyday routine, which is no longer limited to the workplace and the family since your office is now at your house. We’ll talk about finding a healthier workplace so that employees can remain motivated to do their best. Today, more than ever before, the line separating work and life is almost invisible, and the need for a healthy balance between our life and our job has never been stronger.

What to do?


Waiting for things to return to normal creates unrealistic expectations. Accepting reality is essential for resilience. While the demand for masks and disinfecting wipes may decrease, it seems that things will never return to normal. Wisest step is to accept it. Let all the resistance to accept go and expectations about future drop. Just be in this moment and find opportunities to give your best. Respond to the expectations of people around you with patience and smile.

Create Your Own Normal:

Accepting that culture has changed and adapting to it is part of creating your own normal. It entails accepting that many of the standards and regulations to which we are accustomed no longer exist. It means you now have the freedom to think outside the box while still being alert to new circumstances; for instance, you can learn new conversational skills that bring solace and comfort to those who interact with you.

Time for Work:

Device innovative tools to create health using internet. Give your physical health and wellness due priority. Adopt flexible options for gyms and fitness studios. Working out is now much more convenient in several ways. If you work out at home, designate a specific area for that purpose.

Time for Thought:

Mental health is an important activity. Anxiety and confusion are at an all-time high. Addiction and misuse are also on the rise. Driving to a clinic, sitting in a waiting room, going to buy essentials or working with associate trigger panic thoughts or unpleasant experiences affecting mental health. Seek help of coaches and mental health experts, ensure you seek to create a shift in yourself.


While people are becoming more aware of the importance of digital health and wellness, technology and social media will disrupt our productivity and steal a lot of our time. Furthermore, it can cause excessive anxiety. There is no doubt that technology has helped us remain informed, linked, and productive while isolated. However, we have all wasted time playing video games and reading news etc..

Use technology to avoid time traps. There are many apps to help you to keep check on time consumed in tempting activities.

Time for Work:

Healthy routines and habits

Being at home more often tend to lead us to poor eating and sleeping habits. It’s easy to get into a habit of overworking, eating junk food, low energy and exhaustion. Viewing favorite programs and passively witnessing exciting sports can create unimaginable lack in physio-mental co-ordination. You may tend to forget your critical sleep amid thrilling sports, world news, and social media. Sleep if taken properly is very healing and rejuvenating a process. Lots of study has emphasized the importance of strategic napping.

Create a shift in yourself, move out of the behaviours that do not serve you, hire a life coach or, have an accountability partner to keep a check on orderly sleep and nourishing food habits. Seek creativity to blend new ways of healthy diet.

Be dynamic, be flexible, be you.

Creating your normal means being yourself and defining your own rules based on what is right and beneficial for you. Scheduling, directories, and calendars are not for everyone, and schedules do not always work out. When things do not go as expected, think about what you can do better and tweak your strategy.

Finally, technology can play a significant role in our ability to manage time as mentioned earlier also. Consider how you can use technology to be more efficient and successful and eradicate behaviours that will rob you of your most valuable asset.

Take up a new profession:

There are many ways to cope with steep transition before the new normal really settles. We have noticed is, in this new normal that many people have begun showing interest in taking up enrolling in ICF certified life coaching course. They want to help other to create InnerMost Shift and take up NLP Coach Training in India or become a certified life coach. Help others to create a productive & healthy lifestyle and at the same time create a channel to earn for yourself. Become a certified Life coach.

ICF has come out with 8 coaching competencies which help one learn non-interfering communication to evoke awareness in others, this makes ICF-approved Life coaching a thrilling experience.


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