23 Oct 2018

What Leaders Don’t Know? Yet They Do

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Inner knowingness, a great sense of ‘being right’. Some people prefer to refer it as Inner guru and other describe it as a place of conformity or intuition etc. You may name it what you want to, is a place of knowingness that connects you to your truth and your inner potentiality.

It is that place wherein you have dipped in to many times and yet may or may not be aware. When you reflect on questions such as, How do you “know” someone loves you or how do you know you love someone? What is the next right thing to do, when in a dilemma ? And you get strong sense of ‘Yes, I know’ something is right here for me to act upon. At this point even if someone else tells you it’s not? You naturally connect to this place of conformity and assurance to strongly come out with unstoppable energy and act. You go ahead and end up doing that you know is absolutely right for you and it turns out that you were actually right. That, is what some people call intuition which if you look at it is actually ‘tuition’ from within.

Some people just say that, “oh, others are so intuitive and I am not.” Is it really so? Actually you have also heard that if you listen to your intuition it grows, but may be you ignore it. yes that’s right. The faculty of inner knowing is actually, gifted to all, and just like any other muscle, something if you work upon will get strengthened. Yes that’s the good news, it is something that you can work on consciously.

It is this faculty that all made the visionaries, inventors, discoverers and great leaders to be known for what they have done. Imagine how much your life will transform if too work upon yourself and trust this faculty of inner guidance. Imagine how much more magic you can bring in to your personal and professional life. In an information overload age that we live in, the age of big data, Inner knowingness is one ability that everyone strives to work upon. Cause after all, you eventually will need to “know” what is the best solution, even when you have gathered all the information. The world is a play of outside-in and inside-out working in a beautiful synchronicity.

You can start small. Start to refer to yourself for guidance with smaller decisions and slowly you will have strengthened your ability.

In our innermost shift coaching program we specially train our coaches to help their clients to strengthen this ability.

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