1 Nov 2018

Using ‘Wheel of life’ for coaching

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If you want to be benefited from an NLP training, then you don’t have to be a practitioner for it. But having this training can aid you in overpowering your own fears and phobias, and you will be able to eliminate all the mental roadblocks to success. Although in some cases, it is helpful to have a certified practitioner but there are techniques and concepts that you can learn in order to apply them to your own situation. Most of the NLP training courses in India focuses on identifying the negative thoughts of attitudes are keeping you away from reaching your full potential. While taking the NLP training in India, you will get to learn about the importance of having clear goals and outcomes in mind.

It’s not enough to say that you want to get rich, but you have to outline what being rich means to you and the steps you are going to take to get there. You can break down your problems into smaller steps and then you can easily address the individual roadblocks that are keeping you away from achieving your goals. These smaller steps towards your goals are easily digestible and they prevent you from getting overwhelmed. Much of the NLP training involves visualization and simply picturing the outcome that you want. Instead of focusing on the fears and obstacles that might cause hurdle in your way, NLP allows you to keep your eyes on the prize and to become laser focused on what is it you want to happen.

Due to this, you are always in a positive mind free and over time you will find that your mind becomes retrained to think positively instead of expecting negative results immediately. There is an old saying which says that those who believe they can and those who believe they can’t are both usually right. NLP just shifts your thinking from ‘I can’t’ to ‘I can’. It might seem a foreign concept for some people to simply visualize a positive result. Past experiences, memories or results of our actions, all play a vital role in how we perceive the world around us.

We often maintain such beliefs which have no basis in reality but because they are familiar to us, we simply continue to hold on to them. NLP training helps us to rebuild our reality with self-empowerment and confidence. You can create your own reality with NLP and ICF accredited life coaching courses. There are a lot of people who are using this to push past hurdles that once stood in front of their desires and goals.

If you want to become a certified coach under ICF, then it means that you will need to go to a training school or university which runs a coaching or tarnish program that meets the standards prescribed by the ICF. Regardless of the fact that you have past experiences as a coach, you will be required to undergo a training program from an accredited school which takes at least six months to two years to get complete. After the completion of your course, you will be able to get the certification as a coach, one certificate will be from the coaching institution and other will be from ICF. This can be advantageous for you if you have just started as a life coach and you have no previous knowledge about it. By taking this training course, you will be able to learn different things that you may need to know as a life coach and how to help your clients.

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