The InnerMost Shift Difference

We go beyond imparting training on ICF 11 competencies and just coaching skills, we train, mentor and test your abilities to give you an ‘Ultimate Edge’, in fifteen (15) different ways, over others in market by providing you:

1-Get Trained by MCC Faculty upto Highest MCC credential | 2- Robust Coaching Framework |3- Incredible Coaching Model | 4-Best Life/Executive Coaching Tool Kit | 5-Best Life Skills/Practices | 6-Self-Study manual | 7-Coaching Assignments | 8 -Coaching Session Audit | 9-Online Competency Test | 10-ACC/PCC/MCC Mentoring | 11- Signature Yogic Presence | 12-Free B2B Listing | 13-After Training Support | 14- Coaching Package Design|15- Coaching Business Development Non-Selling Sales Model

Ultimate Edge-1
Get Trained by  MCC Faculty upto Highest ICF MCC Credentials.

ICF a certifying body which has given us following training credentials:

ACTP- Accredited Coach Training Program (ICF Highest degree awarded to Training Provide)
ACSTH- Approved Coach Specific Training Hours, (Our ACSTH is part of ACTP)
CCE- Coach Continuing Education

You can be ICF Certified as:
ACC- Associate Certified Coach
PCC- Professional Certified Coach
MCC-Master Certified Coach

We can Mentor you for:
ACC / PCC / MCC Level  Mentoring

We are Authorised to Evaluate:
ACC & PCC Level Coaching Session Recordings

You can be ICF Certified as InnerMost Shift :
ACC/PCC/MCC Life Coach | Executive Coach | Business Coach 

So you get all the training to earn all ICF Credentials Certification with AlphaStars.

Ultimate Edge-2
Robust coaching Framework

Most coaches even after having a training on coaching skills does not know how to navigate session, they get lost in between the session and find it hard to keep a track of session steps. InnerMost Shift Coaches are given IC PROBE GAP frame work that work like GPS to track session progress.

Ultimate Edge-3
Incredible Coaching Model – addresses the Wholeness

Most coaching we have studied in the market operate at very apparent or external level.
For example, they focus on results, success or solution so much so that it takes them off from the inner core resistance they need to overcome, InnerMost Shift they need to undergo and Energetic shift they need to make.

InnerMost Shift Coaching Model rests on FOUR pillars:
InnerMost Shift Client will make
External behavioural client will exhibit
The Outcome/results client will deliver or get
Return on Investment/Energy/Time

Action design, progress tracking parameters and goals are set at all the four levels. This is very unique aspect of InnerMost Shift Coaching Model.

Also InnerMost Shift Coaching addresses is:

Navigating to being-ness  
Addressing the Wholeness 
Activating the Inner-Knowingness
Resting in the Bliss of Immense Potential
Letting the uniqueness to find its expression in who you are being
Empowering them to resourcefulness
Accomplish what you Love and
Be an Outstanding Individual 

Ultimate Edge-4
Best Life Coaching Tool Kit

A coaching tool is a structured and proper process directing system, with immense flexibility, that help client to get desired outcome. For example, a client may want to improve a relationship, be a Role Model of Excellence or Improve Communication. We have well designed Tool-set to empower new coaches with real confidence.

Beautiful, simple to use and customisable coaching tools help you design your ‘coaching packages’ that can earn you solid income based on appreciable change in your client.
When your client get good results , this gets good word of mouth and multiplies your coaching income.

More than twenty powerful coaching tools to package your coaching sessions, so that you create you’re your signature coaching niche and personalise it to make a unique place in the market.
This Coaching Tool Kit is work of nearly 25 years of Siri and sat Khalsa, and they have put in their heart and soul into it and this become your life-long companion to take coaching session meticulously and very effectively.

Ultimate Edge-5
BestLife Practices

It is a set of insights, proven BestLife Practices for Personal & Professional Excellence. These nuggets of wisdoms, ancient principles, proven practices or adoptable skills will guide the change and transformation your client has decided to undergo. It could be a Vision or idea client is evolving or formulating, BestLife Practices will really help client to strive for excellence and achieve the BEST in that context.

Ultimate Edge-6
Well crafted Self-Study manual

Filled with examples of coaching conversations, insights about what can go right and wrong in a coaching session? how to design questions? what is the way to keep communication on track? When does it go off track? How to prepare for a coaching session? How to begin, continue and end a session? How to sign coaching contract? And many more inputs to prepare you for world class coach are given in line with 11 ICF Coaching Competencies.

Ultimate Edge-7
Coaching Assignment

The day you finish Coach Specific Training, exactly after a week’s time, we send you number of online assignment to answer, reflect and complete them. It runs your brain to assimilate and reinforce all the learning have had and you develop your way of using all the leaning in real time situations.

Ultimate Edge-8
Coaching Session Audio/ Transcript Audit

We ask you to record your Coaching Session and submit along with transcript. We listen and go through your transcript of coaching session, give out observations and comments pointing out possible improvements.
We do this process on your 7th and 37th coaching session and measure your progress and mentor you to become confident and competitive to sail through market challenges.

Ultimate Edge-9
Online Competency Test

Before we roll you out in the market with prestigious ‘InnerMost Shift Coach”, we have you undergo a well-structured online test wherein you answer 175 questions. Our coaches have complemented us for entire quality management system and thus online test. Trust that you will become one of the best in world class coach who will make the InnerMost Shift happen in the life of Individuals, Corporate Leaders, Business Owners and Solace Seeking peace lovers.

Ultimate Edge- 10
ACC/PCC/MCC Mentoring

A great coach is great work of an experienced coach. Point number 8,9 and 10 above are well designed careful step which take more than 10 hours of personal attention, study, observation and constructive feedback given to every InnerMost Shift coach from the perspective of mentoring exceeding ICF laid norms.

ICF requires 3 hours of personal and 7 hours of group mentoring, but we study 2 coaching sessions of each coach which take 10 hours of personal mentoring and additional 7- 10 hours of assignment feedback followed by 3 hours of online test. This all results in 20 hours of coach mentoring.

This brings big rewards in terms of Certifying Quality InnerMost Shift Coaches.

Ultimate Edge-11
Signature Yogic Presence

The process initiated on the very first day of training, continued throughout the duration, and with 50 or more  coaching sessions as coachee and coach (for a 9 days duration course), all are meant to shift something inside at every step.
Blend of Indian sciences, Yogic Principles, Somatic Practices, Science of Human Energy Field and Consciousness Evolving reflections, Kundalini Leadership and meditation are meant to make coaches ‘Enigmatic Sensors’ with highest intuitive sense and gutful connection they make with every client.
Thus every InnerMost Shift become sensitive to energetic shift people make and they develop their ‘Signature Yogic Presence’

This gives our coaches an edge to Coach Top Leaders, CEO’s and those understand that Leadership and Executive Presence and due to their own field of excellence they carry. This makes all the difference!!.

Ultimate Edge-12
Free B2B Listing in our InnerMost Shift Coaches website

Yes!! Our website is ready to showcase your work. All our coaches are listed on this website (condition apply) and we are digitally promoting so that you can be chosen for coaching assignments.

Ultimate Edge-13
Post Training Support

What more? We are always available to assist you when you get Coaching Assignment in the market. You can call us and we give personalized inputs for preparing the sessions and give unique unforgettable experience to the client.

Ultimate Edge-14
Coaching Package Design

Every innermost Shift Coach become good at hand picking set of Coaching tools and bundle them to offer their unique coaching package.

This is very useful for new coaches to make an entry in the corporates or attract individuals to have coaching sessions and experience its unmatchable rewards and spread good word of mouth for establishing coach’s credibility.
This gives an edge to the InnerMost Shift coaches to offer what they can deliver and get paid for good work they have done for the client.
Our coaches learn to offer 3, 6, 9 or 12 session packages based on the model they have named on the basis of InnerMost shift they can make.

Ultimate Edge-15
Business Development with non-selling Sales Model.

People who take up coaching as profession are not sales people and nor do they know how to sell. Yes, if they are from sales background, they do know how to sell.

We at AlphaStars understand this fact and offer our expertise and a proprietary tool, we refer as 7 I’s Model to offer values and attract invitation to coach. Every session of coaching begin with designing mini script and presentations that will attract the client with integrity and nobility.

A lot of insight is given about how to design and take demo coaching sessions.

Ask us to contact you or Enrol immediately in Internationally accredited programs ICF approved InnerMost Coach Online Training program and kick start your coaching aspiration.