PCC Mentoring

Any coach who undergoes a ICF approved training aspires to get credentials such as ACC –Associate Certified Coach, PCC – Professional Certified Coach or MCC-Master Certified Coach. This is because ICF credential earns you authenticity, credibility and respect as a coach.

When you earn ICF Credentials it validates at some level:

You have undergone arduous and excellent quality training
You have taken authentic ICF approved program
You have gained prescribed practical experience in the field as a coach
You have coached required number of clients

Earning ICF Coach Credentials authorises you the honour of using the ICF credential ACC / PCC / MCC logo on your choice channels of communication and presence such as:

Email signature
Visiting Card
Letter Head

Those who will see your credential will look at you with even greater reliability and credibility in you.

The Design & Delivery:

Our, AlphaStars, PCC Mentoring, the way we have designed it and deliver the package, enhances your skills, competencies and insights to give your coaching career a big boost.

We respect the ICF requirements and understand the significance of being centralised as coach. We believe in the providing quality contents and choosing innovatively thoughtful process and so has we done for our PCC Mentoring program.

AlphaStars PCC Mentoring program is conducted by Siri and Sat Khalsa, who has 25 years of experience. It is very comprehensive program innovated to empower you to get earn ICF PCC credential.

The Mentoring Program Will Enable You:


• Get constructive feedback on coaching style

• Get in depth understanding of ICF’s 11 core coaching competencies

• Learn how to take coaching session flawlessly

• Give focus attention to your positives

• Identify gaps and ways to improve

• Learn from peer style and approach

• Widen your perspective to use Coaching Tools

• Upgrade your belief in core coaching competencies

• Relate to your style of coaching with PCC Level of Competencies

• Appear in our designed 3 hours test, test your knowledge

• Get answers on questions in regard to PCC application process

• Understand how to prepare for the ICF Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA) examination

 For our Coaches, Mentoring is a seamless and integrated part of our InnerMost Shift Coach Training Program. This does require to fulfil certain conditions such as completing number of hours, submitting coaching session recordings on desired format and time etc

For rest of those who want benefit from personalised attention and mentoring from Siri and Sat Khalsa. Fill up the web Form to know:

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