Leader As A Coach

Leaders as Coaches
Offered as 2/3 Days In-house Workshop 

Leaders can create or destroy a company. Consistently upgrading competencies is quality of outstanding leaders. They grow themselves and develop others too to become leaders. Coaching Competency is one of the secret either they have organically or they acquire to develop leadership traits.

What makes leaders outstanding is a set of traits. Leaders become coaches to grow into Outstanding Leaders and develop mangers and potential leaders.

Research Shows that the Outstanding Leaders have following 10 Traits:

Farsighted | Encouraging | Strategic |Commitment Driven |Determined | Loveable | Decisive | Practical |Respect Perceptual Truth |

Using 11 ICF Core competencies and InnerMost Shift Coaching Model, leaders can develop following virtue.


Leaders have inherent ability to create a vision, a BIG picture of the future, they vividly see in their mind the ultimate point where they want to take their teams and organizations.

Think, for example, Amazon top leadership thinking of using DRONES to serve their customers. So leaders have to be far ahead of others in imagination and possibility thinking. Truly Visionary. Coaching helps leaders to search the innermost layers of mind and make the unknown to the world, known and become known for that. They are not alone and quickly make others to come along.

Leaders who have ability to coach can evolve visionand also have a distinct advantage as they find it easy to partner with core team, key executives and peers. This gets them support and acceptance. Coach approach helps them get them creative ideas, and heartfelt people support they need to improve the quality of vision.


Having evolve clear vision, outstanding leaders possess immense ability to inspire everyone in the company to participate.

Leaders as coaches understand that other people are passionate about what they think and love to do. This where coach approach keeps the leader do not impose themselves upon others and let the employee generate ideas to zealously align and feel inspired to be a very important part of vision.

Coach approach inspires customers to remain loyal, investors to feel safe, suppliers to contribute, boards of directors to support and all other stakeholders to profit.


The outstanding leaders, if on the one side are imaginative, on the other side they are aware and deeply understand the strengths and weaknesses of their own organizations, as well as circumstantial opportunities and threats.

They self-coach and coach others to search for “blue ocean” where they know big catch is and this helps them partnering to leverage market advantage. Coaching conversations and competencies win them strategic alliances, help them negotiate advantages in their favour and have them heart and mind of everyone engaged in their mission.

Commitment Driven

Outstanding leaders are undoubtedly committed to their cause but what is so interested about them is, they inspire others to remain motivated abdcommitted. They have to be ROI and bottom-line oriented, rely on facts, figures and data.

This is exactly where Coach approach keeps them getting commitment form others and decisions to invest on means that generate justifiable returns on efforts and money invested.

If they are not good coaches themselves, they surround themselves with talented coaches to keep their people committed and giving return on investment.


No doubt that coaching competencies help leaders evolve vision and formulate mission statement, a concise clear statement of the purpose for team and organization’s existence. This also keeps them focused and determined; and achieve what they set out to do before initiating new project.

Soleaders as coaches remain focused and keep their people also working on track rather than indulging in dozens of conflicting activities and no priorities. Persuasive.

Ordinary leaders use, power, position, logic, emotion and influence of their personalities. Outstanding leaders are natural coaches or acquire coaching competencies to have their people speaking and working from their heart.


Outstanding leaders are loved and appreciated by their people. They may be techies, artist or engineers by background, but they are likeable for unmatchable interpersonal skills.

This is what coaching competency gifts a leader, helps them to demonstrate a very high level of emotional intelligence, and inspire people to like them and inspire to work for them straight from their heart.


Decisions keeps the organisations moving and transiting to higher orbits and leader are responsible to take decisions. Ordinary leaders get stuck and Outstanding leaders are decisive.

Coaching competency helps leaders being decisive even if many a times enough of information may not be available and still the decisions are meant to be taken. Rarely it is very rare that 100 percent of the information decision. Possibly, it could be “50 percent and no what? or 60 percent and now what ?” situation and leaders have do somethings.

Do you know most leaders tend to take most of the coaching sessions primarily to take decisions?

Leaders as coaches know this and use Coaching approach for their people and themselves as well.


Outstanding leaders are practical and straightforward. While setting performance expectations they have done lots of self-enquiry and engaged people enough so that people own their goals. So a great leader would know that to hold people accountable is possible only if they are coached and allowed to be excuse free.

And when people falter, thus requires leaders to be practical and truthful, which can be difficult but here leaders as a coach knows even if it not their natural trait, coaching will bring the best out the.

Respect Perceptual Truth

Outstanding leaders are open and accept feedback and perceptual truth others hold about them. They are creative to change approach and enthusiastic to learn lifelong.

They let the stake holder speak their heart and seek feedback about their performance through direct conversations as well as indirect means.

When leaders come to know about themselves, what they may not be intending, rather than justifying they work on improving their behaviors.

Leaders as coaches use perceptual coaching to shift paradigm, get insight, develop understanding and respond with.

The Science behind InnerMost Shift

Our Certification is not just as per the requirements of International Coach Federation based upon the eleven (11) Core Coaching Competencies and Ethical Standards. It goes well beyond exceed standards.

InnerMost Shift Coaching model using IC PROBE GAP proprietary Framework (powerful as compared to G.R.O.W model etc.), blends together the Best Life Practices from Scientific Research, Quantum Physics, Neuroscience, Mindfulness, Neuro-Linguistics, Cell biology, No Mind (Neutrality), Somatic Awareness and Energy Consciousness etc.

Coaching for Leadership.

Now if you are a leader and deciding to be also a coach, there could be a question arising in your mind,

Can we coach managers to be leader or are good leaders just born?

Answer is leaders can be developed. “Outstanding leaders develop by adopting best leadership practices,” . “It is like playing any game. You can spend hours, but if you are not practicing the right fundamentals, you will never be a good sports person.

By practicing the 11ICF laid core competencies and InnerMost Shift Coaching Model of good, you can improve your leadership skill and coach your managers to develop as leaders. You can do it in every interaction or session.

Using InnerMost Shift Leadership Coaching Skills, you can also coach others tomodel the right behaviours, adopt step by step, the best practices. You can raise their awareness to model others whom they watch closely. So leader as coach can help you grow more leaders. This may fill up funnel of leader with unparalleled success.

Unified Coaching Presence- The Yogic Presence!

What happens during the training is something amazing, while you undergo process of learning Coaching Skills, you also develop a greater self-awareness, undergo InnerMost Shift and transform.

All of this empowers you and you become one with coaching approach and restore to truly who you are, this strengthen, unifies and strengthen your Coaching Presence, we refer as Yogic Presence.

This makes a BIG difference in the way you coach and InnerMost Shift happens!!

Trust that AlphaStars InnerMost Shift Coach training will gives you enough confidence and help you strengthen your ‘Graceful Presence’ to sail through turbulences of life and coaching profession.

You will also learn to coach others to build their presence.

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Ask us to contact you for In-house 2/3 days workshop or Enrol immediately in Internationally accredited programs ICF approved InnerMost Coach Online Training program and kick start your coaching aspiration.