InnerMost Shift Course Topic

Coaching uniqueness: Distinguishing InnerMost Shift & other forms of Coaching | What is coaching? | How coaching is different than Training, Consulting

Pillars of Good Coaching: Different Models of Coaching |Beliefs that help to Achieve the Best | Insights that build appreciative coaching | Factors that contribute to Great Coaching

Mechanics of Framework: IC PROBE GAP Framework for InnerMost Shift Coaching | Structure of Coaching Session |

Power of State: Effect of mental and Emotion State | Human Learning Cycle | Human Agony & Possibility | Being in a state of Equipoise

Mindfulness of Neurology: Sensory-Somatic Awareness |Body- Breath – Mindfulness | Left/Right Brain, Conscious/Unconscious Mind

Invisible Rapport: Building Environments of Trust| Pace, Respond & Coach with influential language | Inducing Resourceful Altered State

Parallel Journey to Excel: Generate Alternatives with Altered States | Yogic Presence – Listening, Learning & Being Present | Taking Trip into Future (S)Pace | Parallel journey of magnifying Presence

Building Resilience: Getting to the centre | Developing immunity to disturbances | emerging stronger in complexities

Being Self-Reliant: Increasing Get to the BEST of Inner Knowing | Evolve BEST Choices |Being You

Imbibing Virtues: Develop Qualities | Increase Charisma and feel good |Design choice response to Triggers

Taking Control:  interrupting Unproductive Patterns | Increase Work & Personal efficiency

Guru of Excellence: Be the first on row | Breaking Mastery states | Break Your Own Rules |

Quantum Jump:  Strategy of outstanding accomplishment |Well-Formed-ness Conditions of Outcome | Elements of going beyond comfort zones

Model of Communication:   Power of Interaction | structuring thoughts | addressing the unconscious | by passing criticalities

Seeing Ray of New hope: Making tough relationships work | Developing Perspective | Gaining insights |

Filtering layers of mind:  Thinking Patterns of Mind | Motivation Style | Information Ease | Relationship Sorts

Driving other’s Bus:   Using Motivation Force | Increasing Motivation | Building commitment |
Motivation Strategies

Recipes of Mind: Understanding Personal Strategy | Being systematic and Organised | Process of using brain|

Accessing Greater Self:  BEST of Learner | Awaken to True Teacher within |Decision making process

Beyond Limits: Enhancing Productive Patterns | Modelling Ideal Performer | Micro-muscular change: Big fat results

Inner Game of Mind: Mapping InnerMost Shift | | Science of Change Work | Process of Transformation

Discipline of execution:  Modelling Personal Excellence |Adopting Discipline of Execution |Altering Behaviour patterns |Release negative emotions

Heroic journey: Overcome Limitations | Adopting Conviction | Belief Change | Role Model of Excellence | Anchoring Determination

Initiating Newness:  Handling boredom | Conversational Collapse Anchor | Generation rewarding choices | changing responses | Approaching with newness

Maintaining Equilibrium: Being Balanced and Whole | resolving incongruences | Clarifying intent |Making life style changes |Being at peace with self

Take Big Leap Forward:  Designing intermediate Chaining States Design Bridge of Success, Outline and Illustration.

Spy on Mind:  Mental Models | MAP DODGE – Superficial to Reality Strategy |Problem, Reality & Solution Frame

Deep down to Sky High: Navigate up and deep Down below | decode syntax

Delete Old Files:  Reframe emotionally charge events | Diffuse disturbing Change Personal History | Create clutter free future

Oceanic Ecstasy: Deepen the awareness resourcefulness | Super power to deal with ups and downs | Build unending optimism and hope |

Work Sheets and Forms

Action Designs
Goal Setting
Mile Stone Mapping
Goal setting
Goal Planning
Coach Agreement
One Time Contract
Information Gathering
Filtering out Session Goals
Goal Setting Framework
Coaching Agenda – Trigger Questions
Design Open Questions
Design Good to Great Questions
The Day-to-Day Session Specific Coaching Contract.
Ladder to Happiness
Happiness Tree
Coaching Motivation
Designing Open Questions

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