InnerMost Shift Coaching Model

The core of ‘InnerMost Shift’ coaching model is the very fundamental human activity of getting in touch with InnerMost wisdom, referred as ‘Inner Guru by Indian ancient sciences or the ‘Wisest Self’ as by modern thinkers, and seek the very best answers to deal with complexity and uncertainty in different life situations. NeuroScience specialists refer it as synchronisation of Left Brain, Right Brain, and conscious and unconscious mind to access the Highest Self. In order to systematically help clients, to make the InnerMost Shift, our coaches learn to use Neuro Linguistic Programming Tools. This help our coaches to quickly become aware of stories and metaphors, of the clients, understand counterproductive internal processes, identify self-sabotaging beliefs and derailing emotions. Then help them to get unstuck, make a shift and be outstanding. With an insights and initiations given about ‘Yogic Presence’, based on Indian science of tattvas and human energy field balance; our coaches attain a state of heightened awareness and expanded consciousness to intuitively and logically flow with the clients and help them transform. Some of the modern thinkers and researcher state it as ‘Flow State” or being ‘In the Zone’. This gives our coaches an edge over the others and Coach corporate leaders to increase leadership impact developing Yogic Leadership Presence.

InnerMost Shift Coaching is a structured way to artfully encourage and entrust the Client responsibility of living a richer, fuller and effective life. It is a professional approach of partnering with clients, trigger thought-provoking ideas and discover creative process to surface up from the ‘inner most core’ that inspires them to live with optimism, maximize their personal and professional potential.

Using the various techniques and tools you learn during the coach specific training, as an InnerMost Shift Coach you learn to remain in your ‘Coaching Presence’ holding a ‘space of openness and total acceptance’ for yourself and for your client.

With our professionally designed InnerMost Shift Coaching and training you learn skills, tools and framework to facilitate the client’s ‘self-discovery and re-union’ with their ‘inner most truths’ about their strengths, talents, qualities, their gifts and their ‘being unique and whole, living a life of unique purpose.

“InnerMost shift coaching Life, Executive and Business coaching involves reconnecting with our inner identity, clarifying values beliefs, motivation, and purpose, so that our impact in any domain of life has more sustainable satisfaction. – Siri Khalsa

The ‘masterful InnerMost Shift coaching’ also work diligently with clients and navigate them to access “inner most resources’ and achieve harmony by way of ‘consciousness alignment’ with their Inner Most Truths while discharging their responsibilities, everyday decisions and actions.