Individual Coach

InnerMost Shift Life Coach Training is absolutely confirming to the standard and norms laid by International Coach Federation and based on (11) core coaching competencies as defined by the ICF, the InnerMost Shift Certified Life Coach Program covers:

Individual Coaches can be hired by individuals, companies, organizations, institutions and governments.

How Individual Coaches Position themselves?

Individual Coach declares his/ her own niche in any of the broad category:

Life Coach | Executive Coach | Business Coach| Spiritual Coach

Then further declare specialty as a Coach, like:

Life Coach : Emotional Control | Relationship |Motivation Coach | Break Old Habits Coach | Stress     Control | Live with Balance Coach |Organise&Priortise  Coach | Time Management Coach | Clarity Coach | Prosperity Coach

Executive Coach : Performance Coach | Work Relationship Coach |Job Stress Eradication Coach | Quantum Jump Coach | Be a Role Model Coach | Transition Coach | Deepen Job Engagement | Get along Well | Reinvent Your-Self Coach

Business Coach : Vision Coach | 7 Productive habits Coach | Manage Transition Coach| Get Big Goals Coach | Presentation Coach | Team Coach | Leadership Coach | Negotiation Coach

Spiritual Coach : Life purpose Coach | Peace Coach | Clarity Coach| Mind Power Coach | One Love Coach | Unity Consciousness Coach

How do Individual Coaches Market themselves?

Individual coach has to learn marketing him/herself. The usual channels followed are :

• Facebook


• Twitter

• Website

• Blogging

• Demo Sessions

• Word of Mouth

What is the Entry Point for Individual Coaches?

• CompleteICF ACC/PCC oriented Approved Coach Specific Training Hours, more than 60.

• Get well versed and proficient in ICF 11 competency.

• Have a backing of reliable framework like we give IC PROBE GAP

• Work with a powerful model – we empower you with InnerMost Shift Coach Model

• Know the science behind making the InnerMost Shift happen

• Prove your work to few who know you. We train you to give powerful demo sessions.

• Take up as many as practice coaching sessions.

• Complete 40 coaching hours . get your coaching session audio tape audited form us.

• Complete our online test. Get AlphaStars InnerMost Shift Coach Certification.

• Work for completing 100 Coaching hours – get ICF ACC Credential.

• Take our PCC level training, complete 500 Coaching hours.

• Get ICF PCC Credentials

Note:  ICF does not guarantee that qualifying 60 or more coach specific training hours means you will succeed with client.

Be careful. Decide to spend your precious time and money only with those who can actually take interest in your growth and teach you stuff that works.

How do Individual Coaches operate?

Individual Coaches help their clients identify – where they are and where do they want to be and in between steps they need to be there. Thus, they help their people turn their dreams in to reality. This is usually a very satisfying and enriching experience, for both the client and the Coach.

Coach finds lots a excitement building in the client as client manages to overcome hurdles, let go problems, builds confidence, hope showing upand goals are achieved. Having a Coach has become a pride choice of achievers.

Individual Coaches are patient, intelligent, competent, and work with others for making a complete shift in attitude, productivity &performance, caring for personal health and well-being.

Ask us to contact you or Enrol immediately in Internationally accredited programs ICF approved InnerMost Coach Online Training program and kick start your coaching aspiration.