HR & Manager As A Coach

Managers and HR Professionals as Coaches

A manager unless has a core competency to have their teams and people fully engaged, supporting, productive and efficient: give their best, they will end up over burdened with undue responsibility and drain themselves of energy.

Mangers as coaches, or Executive Coaching has proven to help organisations for :

• Optimising Manpower

• Cutting Down Delivery Time

• Saving on Cost

• Increasing Job Engagement

• Increasing Job satisfaction

• Lowering Attrition Rate

This is why organisations and companies are desiring their Managers to become professional Coaches for the organization. Managers as coaches has proven to be very advantageous specially in the times of :

• Making Strategic Plans

• Arriving at Crucial decisions

• Balancing Work with Life

• Getting Team Cooperation

• Managing Stress

• Achieving Targeted Goals

• Creating New market

• Growing to Leadership Position

Coach approach imparts Managers an insight to keep their team members make self-discoveries, be driven by purpose and strive for excellence. They help them to champion their own development plan and generate rewarding choices. This happens as Managers use their power to interact targeting Shift at the InnerMost level.

There are two profound ways mangers choose to help their teams :

Focused Coaching Sessions : This requires them to phase weekly, bi-weekly or monthly sessions. They take special time out and encourage their people to bring their agenda and work out very best solutions in focus coaching sessions.

Making Coaching Conversations : This does not require them to take time out and have exclusive coaching sessions. They adopt coach approach in their everyday work interactions and become popular for their out of the box behaviors.

Either ways Managers as Coaches become enablers, facilitators and catalysts for creating aappreciative, resource empowering coaching culture in their organizations.

They create such a profound culture because they get specially trained in ICF laid coaching competencies and proven model of coaching focused to create InnerMost Shift as follow.

Purpose : Decide what purpose will it serve what they are about to talk or ask.

Intention : Discover and clarify intention; align behaviors with purposeful interaction.

Outcome : Clearly know what would they accomplish and get delivered.

Listen deeply : Completely listen, give full ears and attention to non-verbal expressions.

Question : Ask wise and thoughtful and focused questions.

Navigate : Keep communication on purpose and does not deviate.

Encourage : Assist to come out with the very best ideas and the best solutions.

Action Commitment : Have others commit to take action and accountable.

Track Progress : Ensure continuous action in the right direction and take responsibility.

Deliver Results : Bring their people to whole heartedly deliver results.

All this happens as Managers, while becoming coaches, are well trained in all of the above competencies. Because of Mangers orientation as coaches, they are able to help make their people InnerMost shift in the following core areas necessary for one’s growth and development.

Planning : Draw practical and executable plan: decide steps and mile stones.

Performance : Help improving quality and quantum of performance.

Productivity : Assist in employees to exceed their limits to enhance productivity.

Progress : Encourage teams to grow, keeping personal goals aligned, with business goals.

What makes Managers as Coaches more in demand and very useful for the organisations is their skills and competency to optimise following area.

Break Rules : Obsolete limiting beliefs: challenge progress retarding assumptions

Innovate : Continuously innovate to upgrade company’s product, services and support.

Time wise : Allocate and keep track of time spent to be wise and efficient.

Manage Conflicts : Immediately help people resolve differences and synergise.

Get Going : Going often gets tough; they keep people sailing through turbulences.

Stress Free : They are artful and competent to keep people at ease.

Irrespective of customers, suppliers, colleagues,bossed, team members or their own Managers, may be CEO’s they are Emotionally wise and Intelligence to help people remain vibrant and full of energy.

Our InnerMost Shift ICF approved Certified Coach Program qualifies you to become Certified Life Coach, Certified Executive/Leadership coach or ask us to send you quote for a in-house program ‘Managers as Coaches.

This gives you an ultimate edge over any other. We strictly follow ICF guidelines and unique frame work IC PROBE GAP, the Eleven Core Coaching Competencies defined by the International Coach Federation, and assists Executives and Mangers develop critical Leadership Coaching skills; to make the InnerMost Shift happen in a focused or conversational coaching session.

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Ask us to contact you or Enrol immediately in Internationally accredited programs ICF approved InnerMost Coach Online Training program and kick start your coaching aspiration.