18 Dec 2018

How to break bad habits?

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Bad habits interrupt your life and prevent you from accomplishing your goals. They jeopardize your health — both mentally and physically. And they waste your time and energy. Most of your bad habits are caused by two things. Stress and boredom. Most of the time, bad habits are simply a way of dealing with stress and boredom. Everything from biting your nails to overspending on a shopping spree to drinking every weekend to wasting time on the internet can be a simple response to stress and boredom. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can teach yourself new and healthy ways to deal with stress and boredom, which you can then substitute in place of your bad habits. Of course, sometimes the stress or boredom that is on the surface is actually caused by deeper issues. These issues can be tough to think about, but if you’re serious about making changes then you have to be honest with yourself. It’s easy to think of habits falling into black and white categories — exercising good, biting your nails bad.

But habits also sit on a continuum in our ability to exercise control over them: Some are mild, like taking off your shoes and dumping in the middle of the living every night; others moderate like eating dinner in front of the TV, or drinking too much when you go to a party, and then those that are strong and addictive. Habits become hard to break to because they are deeply wired by constant repetition into our brains. And when you add pleasure to them — as you have with drugs or porn, for example — the pleasure centers of the midbrain get fired up as well, and continue to fire long after the habits stop, creating the cravings that folks struggle with. Overall these auto-pilot habit / routine behaviors are evolutionary-wise and practically a good thing. They keep us from having to re-invent the wheel of our daily lives by making an infinite number of decisions all day long, which in turn, provide us with more brain-space to think about more important and creative things.

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