How leaders create committed teams
10 Jan 2019

How leaders create committed teams?

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A leader is someone who not only leads a team but ensures that every member of the team grows in the right direction. A leader is, therefore, a person who leads by example achieves goals, is committed and can communicate to overcome conflicts and continue the workflow. In many businesses, leaders often fail to deliver and that leads to the downfall of the entire set up. This happens when the leader is not self-motivated and cannot bring about the marked results. But does a leader function alone? A leader works with a team that he creates under his leadership. A leader becomes a coach when he is able to motivate his team in a positive direction and make sure that they continue to follow the same. Through the process of Life Coaching, leaders work as coaches and are able to differentiate, see things in a comprehensive light and make wise decisions. This ability allows leaders to create committed teams through the following ways:

Create a team through inspiration

A committed team is not always created by executing a push or by driving the team beyond their will. The process needs to come in naturally and that only happens through inspiration. A leader must always be someone who is able to reach out to the team in the most natural way. Forced behaviors are never that lasting. A leader has to infuse inspiration in the team to do their best and achieve common goals. This can be see-through Business Coaching where the coaches work with business heads and help them take the company in a positive direction and recognize leadership qualities. They lessen the workload by creating a soothing environment that is stress-free and contains committed and inspired teams.

Resolve conflict and encourage cooperation

A leader can bring about a positive change only when the present work scenario is positive. The environment in which the leader operates reflects a lot on the given outcomes. A dedicated team cannot be formed when there are inner conflict and jealousy. People in the team need to be brought together so that they function as one and not separate units. This is possible through the motivation, decision-making skills and the ability to resolve conflict seen in leaders. Potential leaders who undergo Executive Coaching sessions will note the difference in their approach and how coaching helps them hone these required leadership skills.

Creating teams through NLP

NLP helps individuals, especially business executives and team leaders to identify and hone their leadership skills. With the coming of NLP training in India, there has been a great progression especially towards leadership programs and coaching. NLP leads to recognizing the leadership skills by building calm in a leader, helping them with the ability to lead by example, encourage communication, better coordination and help them think fast and confidently. The changes seen through NLP have helped build leaders who can further form a committed team. Once they have recognized and worked on their leadership skills, leaders work as coaches in passing on the same. They execute the same vibe into their team who looks up to them.

A committed team is the result of the work that is passed on by the leader and the initiatives he takes. At Innermost Shift Coaching we help leaders work towards this process. With the help of our exceptional leadership and life coaching, leaders are able to differentiate, encourage, and inspire their team towards committed and dedicated work in a stress-free and motivated environment. With this, leaders can play their part with proven results and a strong team.

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