1 Jun 2019

How does Mindfulness for Transformation Works?

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At the moment to moment demands and attention the routine affairs of life, peace is something seem giving a chase and happiness remains eluding. Isn’t it true?

Yet, there is not a single person in this world who would not want to have a peaceful mind and happiness in the heart. Peace and happiness are the two fundamental intangible needs of a human being. Although the basic necessities of life with food, cloth, and shelter, etc., can never be denied as the tangible basic necessities. And, without these things, you can’t survive on this earth. But, the thing that matters more for you to live a fulfilled life is peace and happy happiness.

Being in the Zone

You may have heard successful men and women speaking about being in the zone. What is that zone, have you ever asked yourself? Well, its zone of being mindful and focused. Can you for a moment focus on your peace and mindful of for few breaths? And then notice what has this changed in your perception and attitude to take up any task you have in hand. If you decide to take little time out, every hour and do the same, this may amaze you with kind efficiency and productivity level you attain.

Are you looking for a transformation?

I think we all want it. Do you want to change some thought pattern or unproductive habitual response, mindfulness can have you live the life of fulfillment. Just begin by taking out 3 minutes every hour and become absolutely mindful of breath while being aware of everything happening in your mind and body, do not reject any thought or any idea. Just be the mindful observer of everything going on in your awareness. In your eight hours day, you have given in twenty-four minutes. You have made a big win in carving a new neural pathway in your brain. You have developed a new way of being.

Soon, you will transcend into a new sphere of performance. You will begin working with more focus, attention, peace, and happiness. It is that sphere where you expand your potential to unimaginable capabilities.

Working with peace in mind and happiness in the heart becomes reality. So, just by incorporating a few minutes of mindfulness, you open yourself up to immense possibilities. Therefore, it becomes possible for you to reach the pinnacle of success where most people only dream of.

People might attribute success to your technical skill level. But, what separates the champions and performers from the rest is, they move towards peace and happiness inside at the speed of a Ferrari. A moment of time-out, they can dip into the zones of peace within. And, in the next moment, it becomes easier for them to get into the zone of performance.

Looking from outside they are not different from others. But they are quick to make InnerMost Shift and dip in the zones of performance and delivery. Thus, they execute better than other people. When you train yourself to be mindful in regular intervals, you learn to get into that zone, you too will execute like those outstanding performers of this world.

Still Difficult to Get into That Zone?

If this question is still quite gradual to pop-up in your mind, though as a matter of fact, being in the zone is not something that you cannot achieve. Here is another simple process.

Just become aware of someone whom you know is a peaceful performer and ‘happy-go-at ease’ kind of a person. Have a mindful look at this person. Carefully notice physiological, somatic and breathing patterns of this person. Heartfully appreciate this person way of being and mindfully stay with this thought for few breaths.

Model this person’s movement and energy. Become somatically mindful of everything this person does. You will find it has become easier for you to perform and deliver is in the zone.

Yes, you can also walk to some people whom you find have a sense of calm in their approach. Take guidance from anyone who knows the art of being in the zone. Do not hesitate to ask them to mentor you or guide you.

Improving Your Professional Life

You will want to work in a better way as a professional by reaching the highest limit of your work ability. You can learn NLP techniques also as this focuses on using senses and mind in a rich way. Now, this has to be your personal initiative because NLP training in India is not something that everyone will suggest to you particularly if you working in corporate. This is because most people in HR and L & D may not have exposure to this field of bringing transformation. But, the astonishing effects of NLP training can literally transform you and transcend you in the zone from where you can achieve whatever your goal is. Basically, you will learn everything that will make you a better person professionally. You may also look at how NLP Training and business coaching or performance coaching work together in order to run a business, improve performance or enhance productivity. By taking NLP training, you will be able to do so with sheer prowess.

Improving Your Personal Life

No matter how skillful you are or how good you can execute your skills, if your personal life is in turmoil then you will suffer because you will not be able to concentrate on your work. That is why you have to make sure that your personal life is also happy. Being mindful helps you to stay in the zone, and when you learn to stay in the zone and have peace in your mind, it will resonate to the people around you as well.

Let’s not forget, what everyone does, will have an effect on you and what you will do, will have an impact on everyone. As an executive, if you have gone through executive coaching, you can rest assured, you will be able to have a better personal life than ever.

Is there any professional way?

You can also consider exploring innermost shift coach training in case you want to help others. It is one professional model fit for business, leadership and also personal transformation. Most people think it is only in spiritual coaching where you will get a specialized training of mindfulness for the transformation of your life. Whereas the facts are mindfulness helps effortless transformation. It will not only help you to improve the state of your life but it will also help you to become a better person. So mindfulness has become an integral part of professional courses.

Also, you can avail ICF certification through which you will be able to make an impact on the lives of many people who would seek your help. Idea is, take the first step by taking help from the experts who have done this before. You will start living a life without any stress. You will resonate the true essence of life. The reverberation of the life spirit you gain through the joyful practice of mindfulness will surely transform and transcend your spirit through the assimilation with the divine.

Siri G P Kaur Khalsa

Director ICF ACTP InnerMost Shift Coach Training

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