13 Mar 2019

How Belief System Shapes a Life?

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Childhood is the foundation building phase of our life. Our life in this phase entirely depends on others because we have no control. This is the time when we begin acquiring a set of beliefs which continue to shape our thinking, thoughts and determine the quality of our responses to arising life situations. In fact, these beliefs. have made what you are at this point of life. The way you think, the way you channelize your energy, almost everything, be it at the level of the conscious and unconscious mind is because of your belief system.

Now, as you shaped your belief system it affects throughout your life at levels and plays a pivotal role, in whether you will find success or not and whether you will gain the amount of wealth you desire or not. So, in a way you can say that the seed of success is sowed at the initial days of your life.

Sometimes, it is too late in life when suddenly you realize that you are not finding yourself getting the results to your expectations or failing in almost all of your endeavors. Despite, you are giving your 100% (or you think you are giving your 100%) and still not getting the desired result. Frustrated and devastated, willingly or unwillingly you join the list of those thousands of people who fail to achieve their true potential.

Does the Belief System Have a Role in This Failure?

Yes, a very vital role is played by your belief system in creating the platform for your failure. We have seen when people don’t easily accept that beliefs are deeply embedded in their psychology. But eventually, they start turning their attention inwards and discover that are the product of their beliefs and only by making a shift at the innermost level they will make a big impact in their lives.

Some people who want to help themselves and others in the organizations or anywhere join our InnerMost Shift Coach training program, an ICF accredited course, and learn excellent ways to find how the belief system is made, how people end up to be who they never wanted to be and how they can reshape their thinking and evolve who they truly want to be. In a step by step process one can discover, how right from childhood, we unconsciously utter certain statements which possibly be the cause of the downfall in performance, productivity, and prosperity.

You may have noticed some people have a tendency of saying that they cannot do a certain thing or they are not good enough to do a certain thing. Though they might utter these words literally the subconscious mind takes these words very seriously and truly makes them whatever they are saying.

As you continue to utter such negative statements, you channelize all your internal energy to shape and make your statement a reality. Chances are, you may not even realize when you have sowed the seed of failure for which you will have to suffer for the rest of your life.

Can You Re-Shape Your Belief System?

Yes, you too can learn to decode and recode your belief system. By attending ICF accredited life coaching courses, you will be able to acquire human technology to help you to shape your belief system in a new way. Apparently, you might think that re-shaping your belief system is tough, but if you follow certain methods and practice them regularly, you can change your future.

Let’s not forget that income and savings you aim, product line and market you wish to capture or position and power you plan to enjoy, everything quite majorly depends upon the belief system you have acquired.

The fact is, you have to realize that your subconscious mind is where you have no control and it is the storehouse of both miseries and power. Fortunately, you can learn to influence the subconscious and that is what you will learn with us while undergoing a complete program of NLP certification in India.

Analogically, your subconscious mind is like the captain of the ship who controls everything that happens inside a ship. There are certain ways you can influence your subconscious mind and one of the first thing you have to learn is to model your own excellence by revisiting successful times and then use your imagination to reshape the future.

One of the very simple but very effective methods we can share with you here is: If you have a certain goal, imagine that you have attained that goal, feel the joy and ecstasy of your victory as if it’s real, let the imagination sink into your subconscious mind. Do this regularly and you will start witnessing the power of your subconscious mind.

Final Words

You are what your belief system is, most of the belief system is stored in your sub-conscious and therefore when you influence your subconscious mind, the entire belief system changes and you become the person you always wanted to become.

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