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16 Mar 2021

Heart Centered Leadership – Is It Worth It?

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Have you noticed the shift at leadership level taking place? More and more outstanding leaders are being seen displaying authentic curiosity and drive to be guided by something greater within them. They are pursuing the road of heart-centered leadership to sail through never seen before circumstances. Reason underpinning this innermost shift could also be intensified pressures from outside and the inner strings of belief on their part, causing them to seek more concrete agendas such that, in the end, they could make a difference beyond merely being responsible for following prevailing norms, formulating policies or driving economic engine in their businesses.

There is an increasing genuine inner desire in those who are in leadership roles to do meaningful work while being on this planet, leaving long-lasting impact and number of legacies (not just a legacy). Along with that motivations also come from the fact that so many people are ready and willing to walk along support those leaders who take the heart’s road.

What Constitutes Heart-Centered Leadership?

Heart-centered leadership is related to several essential performance indicators such as creating sustainable organisations, coherent teams, building empowering culture, gaining technological edge including better financial stability. One research showed that the most financially prosperous businesses and progress making organization’s executives are led by heart-centered values such as inclusiveness, resilience, mutual respect, self-accountability and open-mindedness. Another research showed that most of the successful companies had executives who were very sensitive to quality of their impact on others. In most instances, leaders are at the forefront to balance their intense drive to control others with an ability to put aside their interests.

Who Is A Heart-Centered Leader?

Answer is, who possess deep sense of Connectedness and practice inclusiveness

The heart-centered leader is fuelled by joy and love for helping others. Let’s not forget here that ‘joy’ is inner factor and different than enjoy which depends on outside sources. Love too is self-initiated, self-controlled and self-regulated force. This results in everyone working to enjoy an aligned, tuned-in, deeply committed, and supporting relationship with the leader and company. You must have heard or witnessed a lot that repeatedly in most of the great organizations; the interaction level of leaders is high and as leaders walk through the room they know the names of workers, engage, ask questions, inquire about family, and know the families; the employees are naturally committed to such leaders.

Denominators of Heart-Centered Leadership

Emotional sensitivity

Listen from the heart and respond with care addressing the deeper intent of other people promoted Heart-Centered Leadership. Emotional sense-ability without being insanely sentimental is vital to such leadership and good news here is this can be learned by just being human. We have seen our coaches helping leaders to drop the overly rational mind and the innermost shift happen.

Urge to make a difference

Un-layering the conditioning and undue influences gathered unknowingly, Heart-Centered leaders work with an urge to bring measurable change and make a difference in the environment they operate in. Though people look at such leaders being very popular, career-wise and financially at an outer level but what truly speaking at an inner level they have mission to drive them. This brings them joy and fulfillment.

Work itself does not necessarily offer people a feeling of satisfaction and joy. This is best seen in the youngest group, the Millennials, who are skillful, strategists and work with positivity. They are high performers and get paid well but deep down in their heart they feel hollow and drained. This millennial staff is searching for a stronger sense of mission. They hunt to affiliate themselves with organizations that advocate for anything that matters – organizations that do well to the world and organizations aiming genuinely to create global impact.

Devotion to focused Right Action

Diffused and scattered attention is a common challenge that stops too many from finding pleasure in success. Such people end up creating confusion for themselves and leave others feel unwanted. Uncertainty rules their mind and ambiguity in their decisions. They deliver far too less than they can because of divided attention and short-sighted vision.   However, clarity can replace uncertainty, perspective can replace experience, and emphasis can replace ambiguity. Then the right action, focus, flexibility and the next best step-becomes evident not only in going towards the realization of your vision but also in the sense of serving the whole-the triple bottom line-people, planet and prosperity

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In a larger context and macro environment, Heart-centered leadership is not either an excellent concept or philosophy or a mystical illusion. Instead, as companies expand and economy engine gain momentum, Heart-Centered Leadership’s central virtues will become increasingly important. Such leaders will have a more fantastic opportunity to meet the complexities of various alliances and the future’s cooperative market environment while preserving their organizations’ dignity and identity.

Thinking about the rewards and impact Heart-Centered Leadership creates, isn’t it worth being so?

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