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  • Are you someone who is inspired to help others live a better life?
  • Are you inspired to be the BEST Life-Executive-Business Coach?
  • Do you trust that people have immense potential and are waiting to deliver their BEST?
  • Do you have the courage & conviction to learn precise tools that will empower you to create in-depth shifts?
  • Are you committed to increasing your competence to enable others to achieve goals, overcome obstacles and make shifts in their lives?
  • Are you curious & open to discover how coaching is different from other techniques that help people change?
  • Are you ready to invest in your own growth, so you can help others grow?
  • & Last but not least, Are you open, focused & relaxed to find out how InnerMost Shift Coaching (IMSC) is different from other models of coaching?

Coaching is going to become a 1 billion dollar industry in India by 2025 but only those who will become successful are getting the training and knowledge from the right source.

So, What is InnerMost Shift Coaching?

Coaching as you may already know is all about helping an individual from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’, i.e. from the current state to the desired state, without guiding or advising the person, but by raising the person’s awareness to the solution that lies within the person.

Coaches hold their client accountable for the goals the client sets at the end of each coaching session, cause lets’ face it … finding the solution is only half the work done. Hence, a coach normally signs up with a client for a series of a coaching session and if you are a leader wanting to implement coaching culture / coaching conversation in your work-style, knowing its’ not just all talk, but an InterAction which leads to Action is an icing over the cake … isn’t it?

The leading global organisation dedicated to advancing the coaching profession, International Coach Federation (ICF) defines coaching as “ICF defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential.”

Taking this beautifully articulated definition, capturing the essence of coaching further, an InnerMost Shift Coach is trained on creating a presence in which the client feels open, focused & relaxed to let the solution emerge & courageous enough to boldly explore any un-thought-of-before solution, to face any challenge that may come in the way of implementing the solution, ensuring that the client does the ecological check to give him/her sustainable courage to implement what is necessary while tapping into the hidden resources to take people along.

It is only by diving deep inside oneself, challenging set beliefs & values, that the Shift is creating inside, reflecting in a transformation outside, resulting in changes in methods & approaches, thus impacting Results & Outcomes. Thus, a sharp & dedicated InnerMost Shift Coach ensures Return on Time & Investment of every coaching session.

Hmm... how is IMSC different from other forms of Coaching?

A coaching model far superior than many other models of coaching, to begin with, InnerMost Shift Coaching is a complete in every respect, ICF-Accredited Coach Training Program – ACTP. Offered by, committed to create excellence, AlphaStars Academy of Excellence top rated coaching professionals. With focus equally on both individuals aspiring to become a professional Life, Leadership, Executive or coaches to help Business owner, or a Corporate Leader working in the companies, institutions and organisation choosing to upgrade professionally by undergoing Transformational Model of InnerMost Shift Coaching. The entire training program is experiential is filled with powerful Situational Tools of Coaching designed to deal with often occurring challenging situations both at work in personal and professional life.  

First  Experience a powerful Self-Transformation

Second – Learn the Art & Structure of change to be able to –
  • Coach
  • Train
  • Mentor
When you undergo InnerMost Shift Coach Training, you will build a rock solid confidence by learning concepts, frameworks, principles and technology of creating shift the deeper most level human existence. Unlike conventional models of coaching where the focus is on success or results, the InnerMost Shift is First, about Internal Transformation, secondabout Behaviours, Actions & Responses, Third the Outcome, Results and Success, and Fourth, about R.O.I in relationship to Time, Energy and Money being invested.    

With each learning experience you make amazing discoveries, how to help and uplift others navigating them to Core of their Being-ness, Realise Totality of their Infinite Potential, Awaken to Inner-Knowing, Reconnect to Re-Source-full-ness, Make Energetic Shift and take Meaningful Action Steps that Create Inner Alignment and Track Parameters to Evolve & Excel with focus on Bigger Picture.

You get equipped with a Coaching Session Framework to navigate others from Current State to Desired State along with Situation Specific Coaching Tools that bring in targeted transformation within an individual, and learn to create a positive measurable changes that matter them really.

AlphaStars coaching specific training is now offered live both online and on-site class room set up. This gives you choice depending upon convenience, time and learning style go for that suits you best.
Siri Khalsa and Sat Khalsa, Master Facilitators – known as Gurus of Excellence personally deliver the entire coach training curriculum. And that is how you get over 30 yrs of experience of change & transformation power packed in precise, power packed modules

What are some of the specific benefits of InnerMost Shift Coach training?
3 + 3 + 3 BENEFITS

Art of Coaching

Milton & Meta Language Patterns, Rapport Building, Mindfulness Goals, Yogic Presence, etc. An outstanding coaching session depends on how well the coach can artfully navigate the session, connecting the client to a space of uniqueness, love & blissful potential within.

Structure of Coaching

IC PROBE GAP framework of coaching, 10X+ more effective than GROW model. An insightful structure that empowers the coach to work at a belief level, leading client to solution & closing with powerful goals to maintain resourceful state, bring behavioural change, set targets & measure Return on Time & Money invested.

ICF & NLP* Certified

Only institute in the world that can qualify you for ICF-MCC + NLP Practitioner by Dr. Richard Bandler. A perfect tool to develop you from strength to strength. Reframe your self-image to easily let go undue temptations and remove limitations that push you off the track from path of personal mastery. NLP is in a way the backbone of coaching.

Use of Coaching Tools

37+ Situational Coaching Tools. Magnify your ability to coach anyone also online / over the phone. While coaching is about asking open ended questions, at the same time coaches don't work in a vacuum. A skill-fully designed coaching tool, ensures you deliver a 1000times more impactful result in your coaching sessions

Get Transformed 1st

Break free from several self-generated patterns. Create multiple shifts. Set a vision of your life. Re-imprint several unconscious patterns, metaphors in your mind, body that is effecting your day-to-day life & you begin to life a more meaningful life as you re-connect with resourcefulness innately present in you.

Get Business-Clients

Create Coaching Packages with in-depth insights, with integrity on what you as a coach have to offer!! People come to you for the value you can deliver and in InnerMost Shift Coaching, with powerful situational coaching tools, the

Coach People

Coaching is about raising other person's awareness to the current situation & helping the person evolve the solution from within. With structured tools with InnerMost shift coaching you are empowered to work with people & create multi-layered shifts with each session. Help others evolve.

Train People

sing every tool & technique taught in class, you will be able to design effective training program to help others grow & prosper. If you are already conducting some training session, a well designed training program using the IMS skills artfully, will result in a much more impactful training session.

Mentor People

Only institute in the world that can qualify you for ICF-MCC + NLP Practitioner by Dr. Richard Bandler. A perfect tool to develop you from strength to strength. Reframe your self-image to easily let go undue temptations and remove limitations that push you off the track from path of personal mastery. NLP is in a way the backbone of coaching.

* The teachings of NLP will be available to all, however, the NLP certificates are available only to applicants from India

Now, How exactly is the course structured?

Taught by the Gurus of Excellence ‘Siri & Sat Khalsa, the focus of InnerMost Shift Coaching is to connect people to their Beingness, their true blissful potential within, keeping the course is designed in simple, understandable, usable modules.

6 modules, each module conducted over weekends in a phased manner. Virtual Classes, so you can attend from anywhere, most convenient to you.

If you are a new coach, we recommend you join atleast the first 3 modules, at the same time, you have the option of joining only the first module as well. Details mentioned below.

If you are a seasoned coach, join our advanced modules, module 4 / 5 / 6. Details mentioned below.

Module 1: Resilience and Relationship Coach

Be it an outstanding leader, an outstanding parent, a manager, a teacher, a business person or a coach, every person to excel within their area of expertise requires to have Emotional Resilience within them & ability to build beautiful bonds, harness relationships, to be hopeful & alive to the life happening and opportunities available around them, isn’t it?

That is why in our InnerMost Shift Coaching model, we have designed the 1st module with care to include the essential foundational qualities for Outstanding Accomplishment. Laying a lot of emphasis on the Art of Coaching, & following the structure of coaching, every communication of yours becomes 10times more effective as you create InterActional Excellence within.

Details of what will be covered in 'Resilience & Relationship Coach’ training

  • Laying the Foundation of Coaching
  • Navigating Framework of Coaching – IC PROBE GAP
  • Art of Coaching
  • Linguistic Frames of Agreement
  • Rapport Level-1 in Creating InterActional Excellence
  • Physiological power of Matching & Mirroring
  • Whole Body Listening
  • Principles of Human togetherness
  • Meta Language Patterns
  • Mindful B.E.S.T.
  • Contracting for Goals
  • Coaching with and for Inner Knowingness
  • 6 Levels of Learning & Change
  • Yoga-Somatic Mindfulness
  • Connecting to Energy of Smile
  • Get into Guru State
  • Mindful Coaching Presence
  • Application of ICF Core Competencies
  • Design Trigger Statements to get Clients
  • Awareness Raising Statements to create readiness to get coached
  • Coaching Contracts
  • Formats used in coaching
  • Begin with beginning, Become Hopeful & Alive – Connect to Innate Resourcefulness
  • Re-connecting to Flow State of Being – Challenge client’s present assumptions
  • Become the Cause to be Effective – Build Resilience within to remain steadfastTM
  • Problem Frame to Action Commitment – Shifting Frames P.R.O.S.A.C.
  • Create Harmonious Relations – Coach to gain Perspective Edge

Module 2: Vision & Motivation Coach

[Mandatory to complete Module 1 before]

Be it in professional or personal capacity, in day-to-day life one is required to deliver results. From finalising a corporate deal to getting your child admitted in school, it is all a significant goal to be achieved, isn’t it? Outstanding people work systematically and strategically to accomplish what they aspire. They have the ability to create immense clarity of goal, become resourceful, and interact with people to take them along.

If you want uplift people, coach & train them to be successful…. Wait … not just successful .. but to Be Outstanding in any area of life, learn to create the InnerMost Shifts in people to set effective goals & have Masterful InterActions.

Details of what will be covered in ‘Vision & Motivation Coach’ training

  • Embedding the Trademark Framework of Coaching – IC PROBE GAPTM
  • Move from Successful vs. Outstanding
  • Contracting for Goals
  • Neurological v/s psychological feed back
  • Creating Awareness of Neuro-Physio-Mental-Emotional State

On completion of Module 1 + Module 2 (60 hrs. of coach specific training), you will be eligible to apply for ICF - ACC certificate via ACSTH route.

Module 3: Change & Transformation Coach

[Mandatory to complete Module 1 + Module 2 before]

Is work-life balance about managing the time between the two or to create harmony between the two & be fulfilled by each area of life? Being balanced & whole is about being in alignment with self.

Think, most circumstances of life are not in anyone’s control & if one is programmed for taking a set path, without building the internal resources to keep up with the many challenges in life, people end up acting happy outside & continue to feel quite frustrated, disappointed & pained inside. How many people do you know who give into unwanted temptations regularly. Do you want to coach people & create an internal transformation within them?

Details of what will be covered in ‘Change & Transformation Coach’ training

  • Calibrate Physiological Movements and Energy
  • Importance & Components of Mental / Emotional Strategy
  • Creating Coaching Package
  • Conversational Coaching
  • Masterful understanding of Sub-Modalities 

On completion of Module 3, you get NLP* Practitioner Certificate, signed by Dr. Richard Bandler, co-creator of NLP

* The teachings of NLP will be available to all, however the NLP certificates are available only to applicants from India.

Module 4: Value Conscious Leadership Coach

VCL coaching - A must for Leaders & Leadership Coaching

Become conscious real and influenced self.

Awareness of, how being influenced is creating Inner Rift and Drift, is the first step to begin dropping layers of conditioning. What are the 7 significant levels of change and transformation and how to make change at all level?

When we connect with our deep held values and commit to live by them doing everything we want to do and accomplish all goals, it is highly satisfying. With VCL coach training you will learn how to coach people to identify and align with deep held core values, to get answer for “Why do I do whatever I do?”, “What is so important about it?”, “How do I integrate values from other parts of life into something I cherish?”

Details of what will be covered in ‘Value Conscious Leadership Coach’ training

  • From Becoming to Being – 7 Levels of Transformation & Change
  • Levels of Existence, States of Mind & Heart
  • Evolving Vision, Envisioning Purpose
  • Difference between Values and Criteria
  • Coaching to Understand & Elicit Core Values

Module 5: Time Consciousness Coach

From watching to watch to becoming master of time.

Evolve from a place of being managed by time to a rather more deeper understanding of how we organize time in our mind. How the place of past & the future is separate in our mind & by simply organizing things in the mental time-line, how one can easily move from running behind time to being one with, being in charge of time.

Furthermore, during our life-time, we consciously or unconsciously live by a very personal description of time. Our thinking and energetic consciousness about time gets affected by regrets, resentments and unsteadiness about past, present and future respectively creating dis-harmony & resulting in more time-wasters than time congruent individual.
Change the description and language of how you currently define time. Create harmony with past, present and future & empower yourself to deal with time wasters affectively and allow productivity to multiply.

Details of what will be covered in ‘Time Consciousness Coach’ training

  • Personal Definition of Time
  • Valuing Time and getting worth
  • Time Management Success Strategies
  • Consciousness of the flow of time
  • Eliciting resources from unsuccessful phases of time

On completion of 4 Modules (125 hrs. of coach specific training) you can apply for ICF - ACC/PCC certificate via ACTP route

Module 6: InterActional Excellence Coach

Every InterAction must lead to a desired Action

As you Navigate your client to their Beingness, decoding what is being said, removing biases & filters people unconsciously create while communicating, as you begin to artfully use presupposition, create a rapid change in people just by using language it is a wonderous shift, isn’t it?
Research proves that, be it a Leader, a 1st time manager, a professor, a trainer, a housewife, a parent, the core to influencing change while evolving the relationship is meaningful InterAction. Understand how mind processing language to become the master of your mind.  

Remember, InterAction ‘not communication’ is the key to outstanding achievement.

Details of what will be covered in ‘InterActional Excellence Coach’ training

  • Embed change in unconscious, Consciously
  • Attain Conversational Mastery
  • Re-imprint impressions at deeper levels of mind
  • Understand Conversational Patterns that effect at Alpha, Theta or Delta state
  • From Failure to Success using Indirect Language

What other Participants have to say?

[about their experience]

"I feel so blessed to be part of AlphaStars' InnerMost Shift Coach training. With every module, I am a completely changed person, with amazing insights & implementable learnings."
- Kishore Chainani
(Founder - Let's Design Life)
"I was a coach before I joined AlphaStars, but I feel this is so much more in-depth & transformational. I now know exactly how to approach a new client."
- Anubha Bellani
(Potter & Life Coach)
"Sat Sir & Siri Ma'am are always there to support much after the training program is over. With InnerMost Shift Coaching I have got multiple corporate clients even in Calcutta"
- Sushma Jain
(Life & Executive Coach)
"This is the best investment I have ever made in my life. I have got soo many insights and clarity, and support for implementing the learning, it's wonderful"
- Reginald Cotton
(Founder- Soul Prosperity)

So, How much will be my Investment?

Investment depends on what you want to achieve.
Talk to our Experts to find out more about what is best suitable for you With the advantage of Training, Mentoring & Coaching Session Recording Evaluation by MCC – ICF Facilitator, AlphaStars with nearly 30 years in helping people Achieve The BEST, is dedicated to offering you the best in class learning & development opportunities.

All training are Virtual -Live

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