9 days ACSTH : InnerMost Shift Coach + NLP Practitioner & Coach training, covering ICF Core Competencies, Coaching Approach, Methodology, BestLife  tools, etc.

Step 2

Complete 16 hours of self-study + 4 hours self-coaching + approx. 15 hours of assignment, re-validating your understanding of coaching tools & methodology. (to be completed within 2 months*

Step- 3

Submit 2 recorded coaching session of 20-30 mins with script for assessment, 1st within 2 months* & finishing minimum 8 hours coaching. 2nd within 5 months* & finishing minimum 35 hours coaching

Step -4

Within 6  months apply for AlphaStars ‘InnerMost Shift Coach’ certificate. Get link to online test, clear test (max 2 attempts) & get certified as ‘InnerMost Shift Coach’.  Get letter of completion of 90 hrs. ICF coach specific training


Get 10 Hrs Mentor Coach Letter form AlphaStars’s  Mentor Coach

Step -6

Complete full 100 hours (of which 75 is to be paid) coaching apply for ICF – ACC Certificate through ACSTH route

Step- 7

Submit two recordings of Coaching Sessions to ICF

Step – 8

Complete 125 Hrs. Full ACTP with us, then you will submit the recordings to us and we will assess and audit mentioned in step 7

Step -9

Qualify Competency Knowledge Assessment test with ICF


Get ACC/PCC/MCC ICF Coach Credential depending upon

To get

  • certificate of completion of coach training &
  • 10 hrs. Mentor Coaching Certificate

All submissions is to be made within timeline mentioned & will have to be evaluated satisfactory in application of coaching knowledge.

* Timeline mentioned with reference to time lapsed after coach training