Conversational Coach

What is happening?

People in organisation, Senior Executives, CEOs, Entrepreneurs and Business owners or as a matter of fact every responsible person who is expected to deliver results,continuously face challenges at every step.

It is natural that they are subjected to internal and external forces and challenges. This requires them to continuously keep adjusting their wings by way of redefining problems so that they do not let them get affected. They have to keep themselves moving on solution finding journey. Keep the risk-confidence balance while taking crucial decisions. At no point of time they can let the time run by to deliver what they have committed.

Market and operating conditions fluctuate at the speed of light, internal decisions within the organisations give unexpected shocks.

Often they need someone with whom they can share or discuss. Specially in the emotionally charged moments they run to friend or find a loyal family member to have them vent their feelings. But this doesn’t serve the real purpose.

They need professional and focused approach; fortunately, trained coaches can do this very profoundly. They navigate them to find the very best solution from within and this really helps them to continue quest for excellence.

There are options that you can be either of Coach.

Professional Coach : Taking formal coaching sessions focused on specific agenda.

Conversational Coach : Taking opportunity in an informal coaching conversation and coach them.

Who is a Conversational Coach?

Anyone can be, irrespective of status, position or designation, attain Conversational Excellence, and be of help to any one in every single piece of conversation. This can happen in one question, one proper listening or one phrase that you answer with and may make InnerMost shift.

Qualities InnerMost Shift Coaches Develop to attain Conversational Excellence

Our participants who undergo InnerMost Shift Coach training attain competency to be :

Precise: Interact only when they have some value to add.

Thoughtful : Think before what they have to offer and in the context, they have to have dialogue.

Listeners: Know how to listen what is being said and what can be or required to be said.

Clarifying : Ask to clarify what they have listened and confirm what the other person meant.

Challenging : Direct a question that is meant to have the other person come out with something not in awareness.

Connected : Give feeling of trust and being heard.

Focused : Keep the interaction focused for which they are having a dialogue.

Patient : Wait for something to emerge in the consciousness and mind of another person.

Enabler : Have the other person come out with choice he or she can act upon.

Confirming : Confirm with the other person, the way new idea or choice will make a difference.

Empowering : Empower and compliment the other person for self-discovery.

Well-Wisher : Ensure that the other person will progress at a self-decided pace.

Loveable : Become known for spending time with them is worth of something always.

Conversational Excellence help in very informal or formal manner to:

• Evolve Clear Vision

• Make People a Part of Vision

• Formulate Business Goals

• Develop Execution Strategy

• Design Pathway to Reach to Goals

• Have Confidence to Keep Going on

• Keep Attitude of Optimism & Hope

Conversational coach help just with their Conversational Excellence capability in :

Goal Achievement | Living with Peace in Heart | Work Life Balance | Mapping Strengths | Smooth Delegation | Building Ownership | Business &personal Excellence | Grooming Successor | Flashes of New Ideas | Designing Pathway to Success | Putting Measures to Success | Living with Happiness

We at AlphaStars have experiences that many Senior Leaders, Managers, Executives, Business Owners and even Parents take up InnerMost Shift Coach Training to attain Conversational Excellence. So even if you are notprepared yet to be a Professional coach, you can be a Conversational Excellence Coach.

Ask us to contact you or Enrol immediately in Internationally accredited programs ICF approved InnerMost Coach Online Training program and kick start your coaching aspiration.